LTO Exam Online - All Guide You Need to Know Before Taking The Exam

Apr 06, 2023


Everyone will need a driver license, and yes! You must pass the LTO exam in order to obtain this. Check out the LTO online exam reviewer we prepared for you.

Everyone will need a driver's license, and yes! You must pass the LTO exam in order to obtain this. However, passing the test will not simply grant you a license. The information you'll learn along the way will prepare you to drive responsibly and value everyone else's safety on the road.

You're in the proper place if you want to improve your chances of passing the LTO exam. Check out the LTO online exam reviewer we prepared for you.

Before heading to, you should know: 

The LTO test comprises two sections:

  • The LTO Written Exam is a set of multiple-choice questions that gauges your understanding of driving.

  • LTO Practical Driving Exam - In a simulated public road scenario, an LTO assessor will rate your actual driving abilities.

LTO Written Exam Guide

The LTO Writing Test, a computer-based exam, gauges your knowledge of significant subjects including traffic laws and regulations. You must receive a non-professional LTO exam score of 30 out of 40 in order to be considered for a non-professional driver's license. The professional license pass rate for the 2023 LTO exam is 45 out of 60.


LTO Written Exam Guide

LTO Written Exam Guide


Sections typically covered include the following:

  • Fundamental driving skills

  • Parking

  • Emergencies when driving

  • Driving and handling

  • Lane markings and road signs

  • Highway position

  • Penalties and transgressions

Getting Through the LTO Written Exam

Consider the LTO written exam as your regular test from your academic career. Here are some straightforward, useful pointers to help you conquer it:

Utilize the LTO's online resources

The Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) website, often known as the LTO portal, is the ideal place to begin. This facility's E-Learning department offers an LTO exam reviewer. Some of the online modules are still accessible if you aren't logged into the portal.

From that, you can learn and get all of the LTO online exam answers.

Understand the Areas to Review

Although the exam will cover a wide range of subjects, be careful to examine the fundamentals, such as the following:

  • Information on driving generally. Watch the LTO portal reviewer to learn about defensive driving, how to do it safely, how to manage your stress, and how to handle your automobile in an emergency on the road.

  • Information on traffic laws. Keep in mind the pavement markings, signals, and traffic signs. You need to understand what regulation signs like "no U-turn," "no right turn," and "no left turn" signify. Understanding traffic regulations and signs can not only help you pass the test but also keep you safe while you are behind the wheel.

  • Drivers' rights, obligations, and duties. Review your rights as a driver when you are stopped, your duties while driving, such as maintaining the validity of your license and registration, common traffic infractions, and driver apprehension, verification of LTO plates

  • New traffic laws. The latest driving laws and regulations may be covered in the LTO exam. Note the extent and consequences.

  • Licenses. There will undoubtedly be questions regarding driving licenses on the test. Learn about the distinctions between student licenses, professional licenses, and non-professional licenses.

LTO online exam renewal

Drivers who want to renew their expired licenses must complete the Comprehensive Driver Education (CDE) program, which consists of a review course and an exam. You will receive a renewal certificate after passing this LTO online exam, which you must provide to the LTO in order to renew your license.


LTO online exam renewal

There are 25 questions in this LTO online test. To pass the test, you must receive 13 accurate answers or 50% of the total. You don't need to hurry through the exam because there is no time limit. If you don't pass the exam, you can try again till you receive the renewal certificate.

Have questions about how to take the LTO exam online? You can take the LTO portal exam in 2023 by following these steps:

  • Using the LTMS portal, access your LTO online account. If you don't already have one, register.

  • On the home page, select the E-Learning tab.

  • For the CDE Online Validation Exam, click.

  • Hit "Start Exam."

  • Choose a language in which you feel at ease.

  • Respond to inquiries. Simply click the response you think is accurate because the questions have a multiple-choice style.

  • The system will provide you with the results at the conclusion of the test. Click the Print Certificate button to obtain your renewal certificate if you pass the LTO portal exam.

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Bottom Line

The LTO exam will undoubtedly bring back memories of your school tests. You can even experience a sense of testing for a college. You should resist the pressure, though. All of this is a process that will make you a responsible driver and get you ready for the open road.

We sincerely hope that this information was useful. Additionally, we wish you luck as you get ready for your license test.

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