Complete guide on how to check LTO plate verification online

Sep 07, 2020


LTO plate verification? Have nothing in your mind? Don't overthink as these tips below will give you useful information related.

Currently, the need to lookup license plate information is increasing. With simple steps, you can quickly learn how to look up a car's license plate and necessary information about the license plate you need to know. This guide below will give you some tips for ways to check LTO plate verification online.

Why should you check LTO plate verification online in the Philippines?

Toss around it; once you don't have to come to LTO (Land Transportation Office), you will get a lot of benefits:

Save time 

Searching for a car license plate online avoids waiting and wasting time to go to the registry to complete the procedure of looking up car owner information. Also, you can easily capture vehicle information anytime and anywhere by Internet access. More time for work, for family and yourself, make sense?

Promote administrative procedures

Transactions, changing owner names, are more convenient because looking up car number plates online can help quickly get information and provide transaction partners instead of going to the Department registry.

In general, the way of looking up car license plates at the Registry Department is one of the convenient services that automobile owners should use to capture information about personal car registration easily. Looking up information on car license plates, they can quickly know when to re-register or know the nearest toll payment.

LTO online appointment system

Check your LTO plate number verification online to save time and promote administrative procedures

How to verify vehicle LTO plate number via internet?

When you need to register a vehicle, just in any place with a computer connected to the Internet, then all you have to do is following these stages below:

  • Access the Land Transportation Office site
  • Choose the icon "Register a vehicle via the Internet"
  • Vehicle registration will be guided in detail. It saves time going to the vehicle registration office to ask the vehicle registration officers for guidance.

If you have no idea about how to verify, you should go to the "guide" (optional operation) to help you find more information about the vehicle registration.

If you have already know-how, select the type of vehicle to be registered (Car Registration) and fill in the information of the owner's profile, car's brand, register date.

When you have completed all the steps, the system will automatically activate and guide you which agency you need to come to do vehicle registration procedures. You will select a specific date and time of the day to register your vehicle. The system will notify you of your successful registration or not and let you know the ability of the system to meet your requirements.

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 Land Transportation Office site

Access the Land Transportation Office site to check your LTP plate number

There is a note that you should keep in mind: after 05 days from the date of selecting the vehicle registration schedule, you do not go to the vehicle registration office to register, the system will cancel your profile.

How to check the plate number in LTO?

As accessible as the registration process, after accessing the LTO website, you will see the vehicle information section. Then enter the necessary information to look up the license plate

There will be a table with three kinds of information:

Registered license plate

First, enter the correct information of the license plate registered, including numbers and letters. You can write in lowercase or uppercase letters, enter with dashes or not.

Verification code

Enter exactly as the given character sequence. Avoid confusing the uppercase and lowercase characters, or between the letter o and the number 0. After entering, you can look up the license plate; the system will return the following results:

-"This vehicle information cannot be found"- it means that the license plate is entered incorrectly.

-"Wrong verification code"- you must have entered the wrong confirmation code.

-"License plate information is available"- you have entered the correct license plate and certification code.

Check LTO plate verification online

Enter exactly as the given character sequence


Checking information of vehicle license plates online requires you to have the current license to be able to check the information related to the vehicle. The website of the LTO only gives us certain information related to the car, and the report of the vehicle owner is completely kept in secret.

Now, you have finished all steps to check LTO plate verification online. What to do next? Just wait in a few seconds, and you will see the results.

The results from the return system will give you specific information about the license plate you need to look up, such as General information, technical parameters as well as registration information.

What should you do if the website is overloaded?

A system which was authorized by LTO will pave the way for you to check by texting. All you need to do is a smartphone with Internet available to log in. Then, fill in precisely the line: LTO VEHICLE[plate number of your car] and send to 2600.

After that, you will receive the auto-generated reply in a minute. This reply includes the plate number, basic info and specs of your car. We ensure that no office in the Philippines has such a fast system as LTO. So, don't hang back anymore as you can make a check right now!

>>> In case you need to know:

 check LTO plate number

A system which was authorized by LTO will pave the way for you to check by texting

Two things you should know about LTO verification online

You need over P20 to pay for the system once you have already sent your text successfully. Notably, this text also works out for Globe, Smart and Cellular users.

If some traffic violations make you stuck for tons of questions from police in a checkpoint, it's more convenient to show them the message from the LTO, and you can leave if your car is clear of any apprehension and records.

Final words

To sum up, with the current digital vehicle management system, it is no longer challenging to check LTO plate verification. With the article above, we hope that you have enough information to make ready for what you need to do on your own.

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