Most common road signs in the Philippines and their meanings

Mar 01, 2023


Are you familiar with all of the popular road signs and their definitions in the Philippines? To see how well you understand the traffic laws and regulations in the Philippines, read this article.

Road safety signs and their meanings in our country are categorized by their functions. There are eight categories in total and it is a must for FIlipino drivers to learn by heart these functions.

In today's post, will give Pinoy drivers complete guidance on how to understand Philippine road signs correctly.

Most common road signs symbols in the Philippines and their meanings

Regulatory signs

Regulatory signs depict a variety of symbols that are applied to show or re-enforce traffic laws, regulations or specifications which apply either at all times or at specified times or positions upon a street or highway.

These kinds of signs assist in managing the flow of traffic. It covers the commonly known road signs that should be known by all motorists.

road safety signs and their meanings: regulatory sign

Regulatory signs assist in managing the flow of traffic

Under this regulatory sign group, there are six subgroups of signs:

  • Priority
  • Direction prohibitive/restrictive
  • Speed limit
  • Parking and stopping
  • Miscellaneous signs. 

The most frequent signs, which don't require interpretation, are stop, parking, and speed limit signs. The load and size limitation signs, which specify what classes of vehicles are permitted to enter a particular road or bridge at a specific time, are less prevalent signs.

Signs that alert drivers to the possibility of pedestrians, children, cyclists, or people with disabilities crossing the street are also included in this category.

Warning signs

It can be seen from the picture below that the repeated pattern on display is an upward triangle outlined in red. Commonly, these road signs alert drivers of incoming road layout or hazards that might be lying ahead.

Road width, traffic lights, intersections, or any obstacles are symbolized so that drivers can be more careful of their surroundings before crossing through the road.

Warning road signs philippines and meanings

Warning road signs alert drivers of incoming road layout or hazards that might be lying ahead

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Guide/Informative signs 

These road signs indicate the location of the next turn or exit as well as the destination that lies ahead.

As an alternative, these symbols can inform drivers of their current locations and the potential destinations of their current course. This sign is typically seen when a significant stop, such a gas station or a tourist attraction, is on the horizon.

Other kinds of road signs, symbols, and markers, like milestones, are also often used in the Philippines. These distance markers, for instance, indicate how distant Luneta Park is from where they are.

traffic road signs and meanings: informative sign

Informative road signs show what destination is lying ahead or after a particular turn or exit

Signs on expressways

These signs are commonly colored in blue or green but sometimes, they can also be colored in a neutral white to indicate directional instructions. They can be red to better notify motorists to slow down.

road signs and symbols on expressways philippines

Signs on expressway indicate directional instructions

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Traffic Instruction signs

Instruction signs are used to guide the flow of traffic in a given area. These road signs restrict or allow certain movements to be practiced by motorists in Metro Manila.

road signs and symbols for traffic instruction

Traffic instruction road signs restrict or allow certain movements of motorists

Hazard Markers

This style of traffic sign, which shows the direction of the road, is typically found in rural areas with only two lanes.

Hazard markings, on the other hand, indicate to approaching drivers where to turn when they are positioned along the side of the road. It may also serve as a signal for two-way streets and serve as a forewarning of impending obstacles.

road signs in the philippines and their meanings: hazard markers

Hazard markers are commonly used to indicate direction where the road is going

Road work signs

In fact, you could first notice the road construction before noticing the sign itself. Road work signs warn motorists that there is a construction site ahead and advise them to slow down or merge into the opposite direction.

road signs in the philippines and their meanings: road work

Be careful if you bit this type of road signs since it signals road work waiting ahead

The history of road signs

Have you ever walked down the street and noticed how many traffic signs there are and wondered, "How and when did they were invented?"

The Romans actually constructed roads for easier transportation between locations thousands of years ago. Roads made it easier to move people, goods, and food to supply the soldiers, making this task straightforward.

Mile markers at intersections were also created by the Romans to specify how far it was to get to Rome. So it's safe to the history of road signs rooted from the Romans who made the very first road signs in the simplest forms.

Why is it important to understand road signs and their meanings?  

Believeit or not, but traffic signs were invented long before the very first cars were even an idea. Nowadays, these road signs and symbols have become a vital part of traffic laws to ensure road users’ safety. Hence, it is extremely necessary to understand traffic road signs and meanings.

importance of road signs

Road signs are designed in the most straightforward way so that it can be interpreted correctly by people of different languages

Traffic signs advise drivers and other road users of pertinent information. They convey behaviors that can keep you safe and communicate with other drivers and pedestrians via symbolism.

More and more traffic signs are replacing words with images or symbols so that they are easier to grasp and may be accurately interpreted even by those who speak a range of languages.

Road signs in the Philippines and their meanings: Conclusion

Through this article, we seek to equip Pinoy drivers with not only basic understanding of most common road signs in the Philippines and their meanings but more also the importance of road signs to our own safety.

Reading traffic road signs and meanings is an essential skill for drivers, yet it's one that even experienced drivers seem to lack or just refuse to follow. 

Stay focused while behind the wheel and keep following Philtoyota stories for more helpful tips and advice.


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