LTO Portal Exam: Everything You Need To Know Before Taking The Written Tests

Mar 06, 2021


Gonna have an LTO Portal Exam but don’t have time for the driving public class? We bet no article is more suitable for you than this one.

LTO Portal Exam: First Thoughts

The LTO Portal Exam is the exam that allows you to have a driving license to legally enter the traffic on the road. Without them, you will get retribution or may accidentally cause an accident.

For this article, will offer you some good tips for the LTO exam’s written test.

What Do You Need To Prepare For The LTO Portal Exam? 

To get the best results, these are 3 crucial things you should prepare before taking the LTO exam: a clear photo of yourself, a digital signature, the paid the applicable fees. 

However, the LTO Portal exam has changed the rules that you will need to pay attention to. Instead of having a lecture for the written test as before, the LTO Portal exam reviewers can be easily found publicly on the LTO website. 

lto portal exam reviewer

LTO examinees can take the test in both English or Filipino.

Last but not least, the Portal Exam for driver’s license applicants has the following categories:

  • Basic driving knowledge.
  • Solid parking 
  • Driving emergencies
  • Road signs and lane markings
  • Handling and driving
  • Road position

For a non-professional license, you need to get 30 correct answers out of 40 questions to pass the exam. Moreover, professional license applicants have to get 45 out of 60 answers correctly. 

For any LTO Portal examinees who are called and asked to proceed to the waiting area, congratulations, you have passed the LTO written exam and move on to the practical driving one! 

How To Pass The LTO Portal Exam?

There are many different kinds of questions you may deal with in the LTO portal exam. Take note however that on the LTO examination itself, the questions will come in a multiple-choice format

Besides, to ensure the quality of the exam every year, they may phrase some questions. However, don’t worry about that because my top secrets to pass the LTO portal exam are right here! 

LTO portal reviewer tagalog

Learn-by-heart every question that is already available on the official website and other reliable sources. 

Below are some of the most asked questions that examinees will get in the LTO Portal Exam 2021, let’s check it out now.

1. Signs that are triangular with a red-colored border are called:

Answer: Caution or warning sign 

2. How do we avoid rear-end crashes?

Answer: Practicing or the 3-second rule

3. It refers to standardized tests to initially assess and determine intoxication

Answer: Field Sobriety Test

4. Are we allowed to have double parking? 

Answer: Never can do that

5. What do diamond-shaped signs intend to convey?

Answer: Hazards sign

6. A Solid, double yellow line with a broken white line in-between indicates:

Answer: Do not overtake

7. Graft and corruption in the traffic enforcement system can be eliminated by:

Answer: Self-disciplined drivers who obey traffic rules and regulations.

8. Are we allowed to park in front of the hospital, fire station?  

Answer: No 

9. Before intending to drive left or right, turn on the minimum signal distance:

Answer: Twenty-five meters 

10. Signs that are round, rectangular with white and blue background colors are called:  

Answer: Informative signs

11.The punishment of a driver when making a mistake while taking part in traffic 

Answer: Driver's license is revoked to the police station and administrative fine

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The above short Q&A is just a small part included in the LTO Portal Reviewer, so that, we encourage all examinees to learn every single question available on the official LTO website for a better result.

Traffic Signs and Meanings


Keep the traffic clear and do not parking or stop anytime


Give way and yield to vehicles on the right side 


No entry for all type of vehicles


Minimum speed 


Vehicles to turn left must give way to others first.

lto portal reviewer 2020

Some of the most messed-up road signs you need to keep an eye on.

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Additional Tips For The LTO Portal Exam

To help you gain more confidence before the LTO portal exam, we have some hands-on experiences for you: 

  • Enroll in a driving school beforehand.
  • Come early 45 minutes to prepare and avoid waiting.
  • Handling of all the documents needed.
  • Bring change for the photocopy service.
  • Avoid showing up on peak days.
  • A friendly smile with the examiner may ease everything.
  • Choose the exam’s language you are more comfortable with.
  • Listen carefully and follow the guidelines.

lto portal exam 2020

The most important key to passing the LTO Portal Exam is don’t be stressed before the exam. 

Not everyone is lucky enough to get through the LTO portal Exam 2020 for the first time. Even the experienced ones can still face some hard times during the exam or struggle to pass, even though they have already practiced a lot before.

However, no matters what the result is, you will then be more competently capable in the LTO portal exam next time! 

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LTO Portal Exam: Conclusion

If you follow the LTO guidelines, get some good advice from others, and practice regularly, you can easily pass the LTO Portal Exam without breaking a sweat.

Hope you enjoy this and see you next time with more Toyota Stories in the Philippines in the future.


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