2020 Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio: Comparison review

Mar 21, 2023


If you are looking for an A-segment car for under P700k, you are most likely considering the Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio. This article might have the answer.

1. Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio - Exterior: Toyota Wigo is more eye-catching

  Suzuki Celerio  Toyota Wigo 
 Overall size (mm)  3600 x 1600 x 1540  3660 x 1600 x 1520
 Headlight  Multi-dimensional reflective halide  Halogen projection/ omnidirectional reflector
 Wheels  14 inchs  14 inchs
 Rearview mirror  Turn on electricity & turn signals  Turn on electricity & turn signals
 Turning radius (m)  4.7  4.7

In terms of specifications and technology, Suzuki Celerio and Toyota Wigo do not differ much. Both have a neat and small appearance, suitable for moving in the street, selling a radius of 4.7m to help the car easily wriggle and turn around.

According to most Toyota Wigo reviews, the look of the Toyota hatchback is mostly appreciated thanks to its active and sporty design. The headlights are sharply designed at corners and tend to expand to the sides to make the head of the vehicle wider. Meanwhile, the grille has a trapezoidal shape combined with a high-diffuser "mustache" for a more eye-catching and modern appearance.

As for the Celerio, the front end is quite simple and quite similar to the old Suzuki Ertiga. The central radiator grille and diffuser below are 2 points of appearance. This minus point in terms of design is probably one of the main reasons for the slow sale of the Celerio.

On the contrary, looking to the side of the Wigo, while owning the same hatchback shape, Wigo still manages to exalt a sporty, and elegant look. The end of the roof is picked up by the spoiler, forming the overall look of a youthful and dynamic car.

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toyota wigo 2020 side profile

Sporty, and elegant look of the Toyota Wigo

The Celerio looks far less impressive than the opponent when it comes to the end of the C-pillar roof which is perpendicular to the tail, making the car look quite outdated despite being an A-class model.

suzuki celerio 2020 side profile

When it comes to exterior design, the Celerio looks less dynamic than the Wigo

Besides, Toyota Wigo also creates attraction with abrasive grinding wheel rims shaped like blades swirling together very delicate, eye-catching. Celerio is simpler, with a set of legs that are familiar 14-inch alloy wheels on toads.

In return, the tail of the Celerio is designed quite balanced and harmonious with an interesting highlight lying in the leaf-shaped tail light cluster facing out. The Wigo’s rear end looks a bit more sophisticated with an angled Y-shaped tail light with a diffuser below with a reflector.

suzuki celerio 2020 rear

Balanced and harmonious are how it feels when looking at the Celerio from behind

toyota wigo 2020 rear

Sophisticated look from the rear of the Toyota Wigo

2. Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio - Interior: Two cars are similar

  Suzuki Celerio  Toyota Wigo 
 Wheelbase  2.454  2.455
 Driver seat  -  4 - way manual adjustment
 Second row  14 inchs  14 inchs
 Rearview mirror  Folding 60:40  Folding back of chair
 Seat material  Fabric   Fabric 

A common point on the cockpit of these two models is that most of the materials used in the dashboard are hard black plastic with a curved middle.

With almost similar wheelbase, Celerio and Wigo can both offer comfortable cabin space for passengers.

suzuki celerio 2020 dashboardtoyota wigo 2020 dashboard

Both the Celerio and Wigo are sauid to offer comfortable cabin space for passengers

The rear seats have a relatively high ceiling so that people who are 175 cm tall can sit comfortably while knee room is just enough for passengers to avoid being too squeezed in. For long trips, you might not be able to stretch your legs and lean back with comfort. However, both cars can definitely accommodate young families with small kids for short travel.

As budget 5-seater cars, the Wigo and Celero clearly don’t come equipped with fancy features and design. That being said, Wigo and Celerio are still the first choices of many thanks to its durability.

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3. Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio – Price: Celerio is cheaper

  Suzuki Celerio  Toyota Wigo 
 Price  ₱558,000 - ₱598,000  ₱568,000 - ₱700,000
 Number of variant  2 (MT - CVT)  4 (MT - AT)
 Origin  Thailand  Indonesia
 Color options
  • Ablaze Red Pearl
  • Cerulean Blue
  • Snow White Pearl
  • Star Silver Metallic
  • Super Black Pearl
  • Mineral Gray Metallic
  • Black
  • Yellow SE
  • Orange Metallic
  • White
  • Gray Metallic
  • Silver Metallic

As far as price is concerned, the Suzuki Celerio has a competitive advantage over the Wigo thanks to its more affordable price tags. If you are really tight on your budget, then go for the Celerio.

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4. Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio - Engine & Performance: Wigo is stronger, Celerio is more economical

In terms of performance, the Toyota Wigo 2020 benefits from 1.2L engine block producing 86 horsepower and 107 Nm. This parameter helps the car pass the hill, and stable slope more comfortably with Macpherson suspension/twist.

The chassis of the Toyota Wigo model is extremely rigidly designed, not to mention the firm and tight welds help the car operate gently and comfortably.

toyota wigo 2020 on the road

Toyota Wigo model is extremely rigidly designed

On the other hand, the power of 68 horsepower and 90 Nm of towing makes the Suzuki Celerio 2020 somewhat exhausted when sprinting on the highway. 5-speed manual gearbox combined with front-drive configuration and 68 horsepower makes the car somewhat stalled and jerk when entering the gear.

In return, Celerio's small 1.0L engine helps this car get a decent amount of fuel consumption. In detail, according to test drives by car experts at Philtoyota.com. when running 100 km on combined roads, the Celerio only consumes around 4.3 - 4.8L of gasoline. This figure of the Wigo, meanwhile, is a bit higher with 5.16 - 5.3 L/100 km.

suzuki celerio 2020 on the road

Celerio's small 1.0L engine helps this car get a decent amount of fuel consumption

4. Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio in the Philippines - Verdict

So, Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio, which is the better city car? In general, if you are on a fairly comfortable budget, without financial pressure, get yourself a Toyota Wigo and enjoy its durability and interesting technology features. Durability and reliability are always the most convincing characteristics when it comes to Toyota cars.

On the other hand, if you need a toad-serving vehicle, quick payback and full fuel savings, give the Celerio a go.

2020 Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio: Can the top rival match the facelifted model?

wigo vs celerio

Wigo vs Celerio: Which one gets your vote?

Hopefully our Toyota Wigo vs Suzuki Celerio comparison on Philtoyota.com today has provided you with essential information to decide which car will better fit your demands. Stay tuned with us for more car news and reviews!


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