Top 6 best car battery brands in the Philippines

Mar 10, 2023


You are searching for a new car battery but have no idea where to start? Read our review on the 6 best car battery brands & products in the Philippines this 2020.

Amaron, Quantum, Panasonic, etc. are among the most popular names when it comes to the best car battery brands in the Philippines. However, going for the best car battery brand does not always guarantee you are choosing the most suitable choice for your beloved vehicle.

In addition to the product quality, car owners have to take into consideration other criteria such price, availability and warranty policy when shopping for car batteries.

You don’t know much about cars or car batteries? Worry not, because we have all that here in this article from

Top 6 best car battery brands in the Philippines this 2020

#1. Amaron battery review

Amaron car battery overview

For Pinoy car enthusiasts, Amaron is indeed a well-known battery car brand. One reason is its competitive price tags while still committing to high performance and longevity. The other reason is because of its brand ambassador, Mr. James Deakin - a Motoring Journalist as well as a very popular KOL in the local automotive industry.

James Deakin on a Amaron car battery Philippines poster

James Deakin on a poster of Amaron car battery Philippines

Amaron car batteries are mostly appreciated thanks to the following features:

  • High heat technology, allowing the product to adapt well with tropical weather in our country
  • Special AdvantaTM paste recipe that is advertised to ensure long battery life

Amaron battery price in the Philippines

According to the Amaron’s website and some shopping sites, you will probably have to spend from P4,500 to P10,000 to get a Amaron product.

As for the warranty policy, it is around 15 to 24 months, which, as guaranteed by the brand, is unnecessary anway.

Recommended Amaron battery product

 Product   Amaron Hi Life 42B20Reverse (NS40) Base Hold Automotive Car Battery
 Price  P4,400
  • Competitive price
  • Long-lasting
  • Modern US technology
  •  Not really a popular choice
  • Some complain about the customer services

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#2. Quantum battery review

Quantum car battery overview

Coming at the second position is the Quantum car battery. It’s true to say Quantum is an underrated car battery brand here in the Philippines.

If you don’t know much about this brand yet, then here are some important keywords:

  • Japanese car battery brand
  • Fair price
  • Good quality & long life (which almost every Japanese product is known for, isn’t it?)

Quantum battery review philippines

Quantum is an underrated car battery brand in the Philippines

Quantum battery price in the Philippines

We meant it when we mentioned the “fair price” keyword. From as low as P4,000 to P6,500, you are able to buy a good Japanese-made battery for your car.

Recommended Quantum battery product

 Product   Quantum 65D31L (3SM) Maintenance Free Car Battery
 Price  P4,500
  • 0 maintenance
  • Japan quality
  • Long life
  •  A bit short warranty period (12-month)

#3. Panasonic battery review

Panasonic car battery overview

If Quantum comes at the first place in the list of top underrated car battery brands in the Philippines, we at believe that the next position should belong to Panasonic.

The Japan origin alone has somehow ensured its quality, not to mention the warranty period of 15 months. Plus, the reasonable price tag. Isn’t that enough to give it a try?

If the brand is advertised better, it will gradually get more and more loyal customers.

Panasonic car battery review philippines

Panasonic is a well-known Japanese brand for vaious fields of manufacture

Panasonic battery price in the Philippines

The Panasonic car battery price range is commonly from P3,600 to as much as P9,500.

Recommended Panasonic battery product

 Product   Panasonic Car Battery 80D23L (1SMF) Maintenance Free
 Price  P4,800
  • Japan standard
  • High performance
  • Availability might be an issue

#4. Outlast battery review

Outlast car battery overview

Here comes another underrated product in our list of best car battery brands in the Philippines. Unlike the two Japanese brands mentioned above, this time, we feature another local name.

Even though being overshadowed by Motolite, which is, in our opinion, primarily because of the latter’s more effective marketing campaigns, the Outlast has built a decent loyal customer base.

One of the unique things about Outlast is that while the materials are imported, the people behind all the technology and product development of the company are all Filipino.

Outlast car battery review philippines

Outlast is a local car battery brand with imported materials

The ampere rating is advertised to have more plates than other battery products found in the market. According to Outlast, the plates are made from 100% pure lead which is not recycled and can offer reliable charge thanks to the reinforced rib cage plastic container with fiberglass separators.

Outlast battery price in the Philippines

You can have an Outlast battery product from as low as P2,800, while the top-of-the-line battery might be priced as much as P6,500.

Recommended Outlast battery product

 Product   Outlast premium low-maintenance NS40 (S)
 Price  P2,750
  • Good Performance
  • Low-maintenance
  • High quality imported lead
  • A bit short warranty period (12-month)

#5. ACDelco battery review

ACDelco car battery overview

For those who have a more generous budget, ACDelco car batteries are our recommendation. You get what you pay for, we can’t agree more to this saying as far as ACDelco’s product quality is concerned.

In case you are not familiar with this car battery brand yet, it is an auto part brand from the US whose owner is the well-known General Motors.

AD Delco car battery review philippines

ACDelco car battery is for those with generous budget

Recommended ACDelco battery product

 Product   ACDelco EFB Battery L3/DIN74
 Price  P9,800
  • American standard
  • A generous warranty period of 24-month
  • Heavy duty
  • Pricey

#6. Motolite battery review

Motolite car battery overview

Last but not least, Motolite is another Filipino car battery brand that makes it to the list of Philtoyota’s top rated car battery brands for 2020.

Having been around on the automotive part market for years, plus aggressive marketing efforts, Motolite has gradually gained its reputation and a good loyal customer base. What’s worth mentioning about Motolite car batteries is its advanced technology to adapt with the extreme weather and road conditions in the Philippines.

If you ask us which is the best choice when it comes to the comparison among Outlast vs Amaron vs Motolite, we would go for the first two since the capability and performance of Motolite products still have room to be improved, on paper at least.

Motolite car battery review philippines

Which one would you choose when it comes to Outlast vs Amaron vs Motolite comparison?

That being said, if you ask the same question on some popular motoring forums, we believe Motolite would still be a highly recommended brand. This is simply because the Motolite's product quality and price tags can meet the demands of a decent number of Filipino car owners.

Motolite battery price in the Philippines

It’s interesting to point out that the price of Motolite car batteries in the Philippines is a controversial topic.

Some criticize the brand for giving its products relatively higher price tags than other batteries in the market, especially when considering the actual performance of Motolite products. For instance, the standard Motolite Gold is reviewed to perform at a considerate 68 minutes reserve capacity, while its battery life is no better than other batteries at the same price range.

Recommended Motolite battery product

 Product   Motolite Gold 2SMF/N50 Car Battery
 Price  P5,760
  • Highly customized technology for local weather and road conditions
  • Local brand
  • Long-lasting
  • Not really a good value for money

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3 things to know before buying the best battery for your car

#1. Know when to change your car battery

  • When the ‘Check battery’ light is on. This is one of the most obvious signs telling you if your car battery needs a change.
  • When you experience a slow engine crank. However, it’s advised to try jumpstarting your car first to make sure the battery does not temporarily stop working because the cabin lights are left on for too long.

For those who are not familiar with cars or basic car maintenance tips, it’s best to seek support from a trusted mechanic or auto repair center.

'Check battery' light is on

'Check battery' light is on

#2. Know the common car battery types

There are basically three types of car battery as follows:

Car battery types Like Dislike
 Calcium Batteries

- Low maintenance battery

- Produces great power quickly

- A bit pricey

- Requires longer charging time with specific charger

 AGM Batteries

- Versatile in any position without spillage as the battery comes with glass mats to absorb & suspended the electrolyte 

- Long life

 Gel Batteries  Good for off-road vehicles as the gelled electrolytes ensures no spillage even on rough road  Require longer charging time

#3. Know the essential tips for car battery maintenance

Even if  you purchase the highest quality battery for your car, it wouldn’t last long if not maintained properly. Good news is that basic car battery maintenance is not that complicated.

Make sure to keep in mind the following 4 tips to care for your car battery:

1. Always keep your car battery terminals clean

Corrosion will damage the connection between your cable and the battery. To remove the corrosion, just simply use a wire brush, a post cleaner or baking soda.

Clean battery terminals also allow early detection of cracks, deformation, leaks, or any warning signs of an imminent end. We can’t tell if the car battery gets damaged if it is left too dirty.

clean car battery terminals

Keeping the terminals clean is vital to prolong the lifespan of your car battery

2. Check for the electrolyte levels

0.5 inches deep is the right level for the water and acid mixture in the car battery. Make sure to use clean and distilled water and not let the water overfill the cells.

How to check electrolyte level

How to check electrolyte level

3. Check for any unusual behavior with the battery voltage

Always keep an eye on the charging process to detect any unusual behavior. This can be done with a specific gauge but if you don’t have one, it’s suggested to use a multimeter monthly to inspect the charging voltage at the battery terminals.

4. Don’t leave your car unused for too long

If the car is left unused for too long, the battery might be put at the risk of not being able to be recharged by the engine and gradually lose its power. The next time when you jumpstart the car, it will completely drain the battery and thus, your car won’t be able to move.

unused car left in garage

Use you car at least twice a week to protect its essential parts

It is advised by mechanics that you should drive your car around at least 5 - 6 times a month for a total of at least 15 - 16 kilometers in order to protect your critical car parts including the car battery. 

In the case that you are not able to drive out for a few kilometers, you can still occasionally start the engine and leave it running for more or less 10 minutes.

Best car batteries in the Philippines: Conclusion

So we've gone through a full review on the 6 best car battery brands in the Philippines with respective recommended products and a complete guide on how to choose and maintain car battery properly.

Have you decided which brand to go for when your car battery is due for the next change? For your easy reference, has put together all the 6 car battery products recommended in this article in the table below:

6 Best car batteries in the Philippines this 2020
 No. Brand Recommended product Suggested Retail Price
 1  Amaron  Amaron Hi Life 42B20Reverse (NS40) Base Hold Automotive Car Battery  P4,400
 2  Quantum  Quantum 65D31L (3SM) Maintenance Free Car Battery  P4,500
 3  Panasonic  Panasonic Car Battery 80D23L (1SMF) Maintenance Free  P4,800
 4  Outlast  Outlast premium low-maintenance NS40 (S)  P2,750
 5  AC Delco  AC Delco EFB Battery L3/DIN74  P9,800
 6  Motolite  Motolite Gold 2SMF/N50 Car Battery  P5,760

Make sure to invest a decent amount of budget on car battery since is is one of the most critical auto part. A good car battery can last for around 3 to 5 years.

We hope this post has provided you with helpful car care tips and advice. Bookmark our Philtoyota stories page for more informative articles.


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