PMS car: Meaning, Guideline and Recommended schedule for Pinoy car owners

Jan 01, 2023


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We all want our machines to last for a very long period when we purchase them. Car is not an exception, either. Don't you realize that PMS is crucial to the long-term stability and durability of your car's operation?

Do you really understand this term? If not, don't worry. In this article, will give a detailed explanation on PMS car meaning, important notes, and recommended schedule in the most understandable way. Let’s get started.

PMS Car Meaning In Specialized Terminology

Preventive Maintenance Schedule, or PMS, is the abbreviation used in automotive services. It is one of the common manuals that you get when you buy a car.

This guide will explain when certain automotive parts need to be updated or fixed in order to keep your vehicle in good condition and avoid any potential damages.

car owner confused about what car pms meaning is

PMS meaning in car service/ What is PMS car?

As a matter of fact, a machine will start to wear and tear down after a period of use. And the manufacturer knows when this might happen to guide you for periodic maintenance. That’s why understanding PMS meaning in cars is extremely important for a car owner.

Important Notes When Having PMS For Cars

Money is a crucial component of the preventative maintenance routine. This is due to the possibility that you will also have to pay for any replacement or upgraded auto parts in addition to service prices.

In order to have an efficient and cost-effective vehicle PMS, you should take into account the following:

Have a preventive maintenance schedule at an authorized shop

Although this may cost a little more than having it done at an unauthorized shop, it will guarantee your warranty benefits when there is a problem with the vehicle. On the contrary, when an unauthorized mechanic repairs your car, the warranty will be invalid, making you spend even more in the future.

authorized car pms center

Make sure to have a preventive maintenance schedule at an authorized shop

Always follow the schedule in the booklet

You are advised to bring your car for PMS some days earlier than the suggested date because if you do it after the required time, your car’s warranty will become null.

Only make a replacement when necessary

Your mechanic or shop might suggest you to change some parts in your car that don't really need replacing. Therefore, stay wise to avoid spending money on unnecessary procedures.

mechanic inspecting under the hood of a car

Think twice before making a replacement

Recommended Scheduled For Vehicle PMS

Typically, the car PMS checklist schedule differs from brands to brands for they have their own engineering requirement. However, the most common schedule will be performed as below:

Checkup when reaching one thousand kilometers

Why do we need to maintain the vehicle when it just has 1,000 kilometers on it? This is the initial stage of checking to see if your car is operating properly on the road.

Additionally, since your engine has started to operate, you might need to change and filter the oil.

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A Toyota Vios in a pms checkup

Don't skip the 1,000 km checkup for it helps make sure your car is working properly in the road

Checkup when reaching five thousand kilometers

Normally, a gasoline car needs to filter the oil after 4 thousand kilometers of running, and it is 5 thousand kilometers for diesel engines. Therefore, it is always necessary to have your car checked up at this stage.

Checkup when reaching ten thousand kilometers

The next stage that you need to bring your car for PMS is when it hits ten thousand kilometers. Surely, an oil fulfillment and regular checkup will need to be done. And of course, some car parts might be replaced this time, too.

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Car PMS Checklist: What To Expect On A PMS For Cars

Over time, components in your car will be consumable, especially those that are related to mechanical and friction wear and tear. Here are the ones that need to be checked most often on a PMS:


Oil plays a vital role in ensuring the mechanical parts in your car work smoothly. After a period of use, the oil will become dirty and subside. Therefore, to prevent your engine from blockage, you need to replace the oil regularly.

replacing car oil

Replacing car oil helps prevent your engine from blockage

One of the most widely used oils for the car is synthetic oil. When using this oil, you don’t need to replace the whole remaining fuel, just simply add more.

Oil filters

An oil filter is closely related to the oil since it is responsible for ensuring that dirt or debris cannot enter the oil. As a result, if your car’s oil filter is not replaced periodically, the oil will be influenced significantly.

To make sure that your engine system works smoothly, you’d better choose a high-quality filter that is designed specifically for your car.


Some key belts in the car, including fan, steering, timing, and drive belts are set to make sure that your car runs properly at a suitable temperature.

Like other parts of the car, they will be broken and scratched over time. Therefore, they also need replacing frequently.

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Car PMS Price In The Philippines: Cost Estimation

The cost of the preventive maintenance schedule in cars will depend on your car model and the number of services you use during the maintenance.

Generally, in the Philippines, PMS might cost around Php 2,500 for Japanese sedan (1.3-liter) and up to Php 25,000 for a high-end European car. With a Mitsubishi Montero Sport, the PMS price is about Php 8,000 including synthetic oil fulfillment.

This is not too expensive considering the great benefits it offers, isn’t it?

mechanics doing car pms

Paying for your car PMS means paying to have your car live longer

PMS Has A Significant Meaning In Car Service

In short, it’s normal when your car is accidentally broken on the road. And it would be lucky if the place is near the repair shop. However, what will happen if you are in a deserted area and in a hurry? You will waste not only a lot of money but also much time seeking help. To prevent those unexpected situations, having your car PMS regularly is a must. 

a mechanic inspecting a car for pms

Vehicle PMS is one of the most basic terms that every car owner should know when it comes to car maintenance

Knowing what PMS means for cars will help you appreciate the value of routine auto maintenance. The best technique to help keep your automobile from unintentional collisions and increase its lifespan is with PMS.

Is it time for a PMS on your cherished car? If so, it's time to find the closest reputable auto repair shop.

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