Smart Driving school review for future drivers in the Philippines

Jul 21, 2020


To all the would-be Pinoy drivers out there: this Smart Driving school review with updated fees and courses on is definitely worth a read.

Having your own car, driving it to work or on vacation – isn’t it everyone’s dream? In our today’s society, owning a car or renting one is no big deal to almost everyone. However, make sure to get yourself a driving license/driver's license first.

And there is Smart Driving School to help – where you can learn about the local traffic laws, road signs and their meanings, basic driving techniques, etc. and eventually, get yourself a license. Read our Smart Driving School Review on to make a more informed-decision before enrolling in any driving schools.

smart driving school review - handbook

Smart Driving School is one of the biggest driving schools in the Philippines

1. Smart Driving school rates (fees) & courses

Smart Driving school rates vary in four courses they offer: Manual course, Automatic course, Executive course, and Masteral course.

Manual course

You will learn how to:

  • Shift gears using clutch pedals and a stick shift (mainly on sedans)
  • Drive with defensive driving, traffic rules
  • Perform vehicles’ maintenance. 

You can choose from Regular Manual course, Manual Special Course, Manual Smart Course; with fee’s range starts at P 2,200; P 3,360; P 4,200 up to your choice.

Manual courses to choose from  Smart Driving school fees for Manual Course 
 Regular Manual course  P 2,200
 Manual Special Course  P 3,360
 Manual Smart Course  P 4,200

smart driving school training center

Smart Driving school rates vary in four courses they offer

Automatic course

You will be taught how to operate vehicles that can change gears automatically. You can get a free Petron Value card as a gift when enrolling this course.

This course varies from Sedan Automatic Course, Toyota Innova Automatic Course, Toyota Fortuner/ Mitsubishi Montero Automatic Course; which fees start at P 6,000; P 6,900; and P 8,160.

Automatic courses to choose from  Smart Driving school fees for Automatic Course 
 Sedan Automatic Course  P 6,000
 Toyota Innova Automatic Course  P 6,900
 Toyota Fortuner/ Mitsubishi Montero Automatic Course  P 8,160

Executive course

This course offers learners with driving skills to operate all types of vehicles as mentioned in two previous courses. You will be picked-up from your house or workplace.

This course’s fee starts at P5,000; but can be adjust with: Smart Driving School Executive course, Manual Executive course, Innova/Crosswind Manual Executive course, Sedan A/T Executive course, Toyota Innova Executive course, Toyota Fortuner/ Mitsubishi Montero Executive course, Toyota Hilux MT Executive course. This course cost varied from P 5,000; P 6,000; P 7,560; P 7,800; P 8,760; P 10,200; and P 7,800.

Executive courses to choose from  Smart Driving school fees for Executive Course 
 Smart Driving School Executive course  P 5,000
 Manual Executive course  P 6,000
 Innova/Crosswind Manual Executive course  P 7,560
 Sedan A/T Executive course  P 7,800
 Toyota Innova Executive course  P 8,760
 Toyota Fortuner/ Mitsubishi Montero Executive course  P 10,200
 Toyota Hilux MT Executive course  P 7,800

Masteral course

Advanced driving skills with up to 30 hours of actual driving is what you can expect from this course. Masteral course covers the widest range of driving skills and knowledge, compared to the three previous ones. It has Sedan M/T Regular Course, Innova / Crosswind M/T Regular Course, Sedan A/T Regular Course, Innova A/T Regular Course, Toyota Fortuner / Mitsubishi Montero A/T Regular Course, Toyota Hilux Masteral, with the price range from P 16,000 to 37,500.

Masteral courses to choose from  Smart Driving school fees for Masteral Course 
Sedan M/T Regular Course  P 16,000
Innova / Crosswind M/T Regular Course  P 24,000
Sedan A/T Regular Course  P 28,500
Innova A/T Regular Course  P 32,000
Toyota Fortuner / Mitsubishi Montero A/T Regular Course  P 37,500
Toyota Hilux Masteral  P 28,500

2. Smart Driving School Requirements & Important notes


  • Participants are required to be at least 16 years old and have a student permit.
  • Know your schedule to make your registration faster
  • Prepare 02 copies of your 3x4 and 4x6 picture, along with your ID card.

For more specific and updated requirements, please contact Smart Driving School. You can find their contact details at the end of this article.

smart driving school review - lecture hall

Smart Driving School's spacious lecture hall where you will take your writing test

Important notes

Here are some tips for first-time learners:

  • Make sure to choose the closest branch to your home so you won’t miss any lesson just because of traffic problems.
  • Try to change your practical learning’s schedule every now and then to experience different types of traffic conditions. This will greatly help improve your performance.
  • Be clear on your schedule before signing up for a quicker process.
  • Consider bringing along a partner with you if that, in any ways, can help you feel more confident and safer
  • There are free orientations and lectures from which you can learn useful tips from experienced drivers. Make use of this to enhance your skills.

>>> Helpful for drivers:

3. Smart Driving School Review: Top 3 reasons for choosing

  • Smart Driving School has a large number of branches spreading all over big cities in the Philippines, which offers you more options to take into account.
  • Smart Driving School rates and fees are said to be reasonable in comparison with other schools.
  • There are FREE orientation and lectures about driving and defensive driving from which you can get a lot of helpful additional driving skills and knowledge.

Smart driving school driving test

According to Smart Driving School reviews on facebook, there are a lot of positive feedback from learners

4. Smart Driving School Branches

Smart Driving School had been established since 2008, and after more than a decade, the school has grown up significantly in the number of branches with almost 80 Smart Driving Training centers spreading across many major cities nationwide including Manila, Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Rizal, Cavite, Marikina, and so on.

For full list of  Smart Driving School branches, please visit

smart driving school branch in san juan

Smart Driving School branch in San Juan

5. Smart Driving school office hours

Here is the Smart Driving School office hours for your reference:

  • Morning: from 9:00 am to 12:00 nn
  • Afternoon: from 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Please note that time may differ depending on which course you take.

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There are a total of almost 80 Smart Driving Training centers across the Philippines

6. Smart Driving School contact number

  • Phone: (+63) 928 505 7056 or (+63) 02 534 7152
  • Email:

Hopefully our Smart Driving School review on Philtoyota can be of some help to your driving school research. For more updated car news and useful driving tips and advice, keep posted here at


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