Top 3 best dash cam in the Philippines: Review, Specs, & Price

Feb 21, 2023


Looking for the best dash cam in the Philippines for your beloved car? Check out this dash cam review on for some recommendations and buying advice.

his list on features three best dash cam brands and their most outstanding products in our opinion. These dash cam suppliers in the Philippines provide a variety of different options, feel free to browse through their product list and get the best dash cam to your liking and needs.

Please note that the following recommended products include both low budget and high-end ones to make sure it can fit as many demands from our readers as possible.

1. Xiaomi Yi dash cam - Philippines: Smart dash cam

 Feature  Specs
 Video Quality 1080p
 Viewing angle 165 degree
 Memory Card microSD up to 32GB
 Integrated GPS No
Screen 2.7-inch LCD
Price P2,000 to P3,000

Yi dash cam is one of the best dash cams you can find in the Philippines. With a 165-degree viewing angle and an F/1.8 aperture, Yi dash cam Philippines can record the entire road and even during night time.
The product can also get full view from the cabin’s rear or inside, which no low budget dash cam is capable of. You might get surprised by the quality of the recorded footage.

Moreover, the Advanced Driver Assistance System which can normally be found in high-end dash cam is now available on Yi dash cam Philippines. The e-HDR Generation 2 technology enables the device to get good visibility in low light conditions and reduce blind spots.

Yi dash cam Philippines

Yi dash cam is one of the best dash cams you can find in the Philippines

Full package of a brand new Xiaomi dash cam in the Philippines should include:

  • A dash cam
  • User guide
  • A charging adapter
  • A cable.

Xiaomi Yi dash cam Philippines full box

This is what comes with in a brand new box of Yi dash cam Philippines

2. Garmin dash cam 55 - Philippines

 Feature  Specs
 Video Quality 1440p
 Viewing angle 180 degree
 Memory Card 8GB to 512 GB
 Integrated GPS Yes
Screen 2.0-inch LCD
Battery 320 mAh
Weight 61.3g
Price P9,800

Garmin is a well-known brand worldwide for its high quality GPS navigation and wearable technology which is applied to the automotive, marine, outdoor, aviation, and fitness devices.

With a 180 degree field of view, Garmin dash cam Philippines is guaranteed to have every detail on the road recorded. The footage is also good thanks to its 1440p video quality.

Automatic recording is an outstanding feature of this product from Garmin which enables the cam to keep recording when it is plugged in the power source. Some other features of the device include:

  • Forward collision warnings: get alerts when the driver drive closely to the forward vehicle
  • Lane departure warnings: alert the driver when drifting off the road
  • Voice control
  • Red light
  • Speed camera.

Garmin dash cam Philippines

Automatic recording is an outstanding feature of Garmin 55 dash cam

The Garmin drive app can control and back up videos from 4 different dash cams. Full package of a brand new Garmin dash cam in the Philippines include:

  • A Garmin dash cam 66W device
  • Manual
  • Vehicle power cables
  • Dual USB power adapter.

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3. Transcend dash cam Philippines: DrivePro 550

Feature Specs
Video Quality 64gb Transcend High Endurance microSD card
Integrated GPS Yes
Screen 2.4-inch LCD
Weight 107 g
Price P8,450 - P8,800

Being equipped with a dual lens camera offering a large view angle, the Transcend dash cam Philippines is capable of recording everything that is happening while you are driving, both inside the car and on the road.

Image quality of the recorded images are great thanks to the Sony image sensor feature with a 160° viewing angle and a large F/2.2 aperture that can be found on the front lens of the device. To maximize the ability to capture clear images under dim light conditions, the manufacturer has added four automatic infrared LEDs to the rear lens camera.

Transcend dash cam Philippines

Transcend dash cam Philippines is capable of recording everything that is happening while you are driving

Another interesting feature of the Transcend DrivePro 550 dash cam is the Head-Up Display which enables us to observe safety alert popups and our current moving on-screen. Everytime driving mode is changed, the recording mode also automatically changes to relevant function to ensure the best quality video output.

Transcend dash cam Philippines capture from recorded video

An image captured from recorded video by Transcend dash cam (Photo by Grei Laurel)

As a multi-function dash cam, the DrivePro 550 also comes with a hefty price tag of Php 8,450 - Php 8,800. If you budget is somewhere around this number, then this Transcend device is definitely a good option.

We hope this post on Philtoyota today has given your helpful tips and review on the best dash cam in the Philippines.

Is it worth getting a dual dash cam in the Philippines?

Dual dash cam (or front and rear dash cam) is a helpful accessory for drivers. It records not only what is on the road ahead, but also what is coming up behind. Here are a few key factors you should keep in mind to decide if it’s worth buying a front and rear dash cam in the Philippines:

Dual dash cam Philippines: Advantages

  • Comprehensive coverage of what is behind you. Having clear footage will help lessen a lot of unnecessary hassles in case of an accident.
  • Better coverage of the area around your car in the parking area. Not only helpful while driving, a dual dash camera or a dash camera in general also supports capturing instances while you are parking as well. A dual set-up device will demonstrate greater support particularly if someone accidentally crashes into your car in the parking lot.

Dual dash cam Philippines

Dual dash cam records not only what is on the road ahead, but also what is coming up behind

Dual dash cam Philippines: Disadvantages

  • Costly. Yes, getting a front and rear dash cam, as its name might already suggest, means you are basically buying 2 dash cameras at once while with the same amount of money, you can go for a higher end product.
  • A dual dash cam is only as strong as its weakest lens. Never compromise on quality just because you want to get more coverage on the road. If your tight budget can’t afford a front and rear dash cam at the moment, it’s not a bad idea at all to start with a single one.

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5 Factors to consider when choosing dash cam for your car

The size of your car’s dash

Getting a large sized dash cam is not always a smart choice since it might block your view while driving. Make sure to know the dimension of your car dash and ask the seller for their advice of a suitable product in terms of size and shape.

Video resolution

The minimum video recording quality must be 720p otherwise the footage might disappoint you.

The data storage

The higher video resolution, the better but remember, the better video resolutions, the lower space left in your data storage. Philtoyota suggests 32GB as the minimum data storage you should go for. However, simply tell the seller about your demands as detailed as possible and they will recommend a suitable product.

best dash cam philippines

Choosing the best dash cam in the Philippines that fit your needs and budget is no easy task

Your budget

Know your budget. The salespersons always tend to persuade buyers to go for expensive products since the more it costs, the more features it is equipped with. That’s why you need to set out a cap to your budget, meaning the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend on your dash cam.

GPS, Wifi, the battery life, the front and rear view

Make sure to take these features into consideration as well. It’s better to ask your friends or co-workers for their experiences with their dash cams so you can get a general idea of which features are essentials to your needs.

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Best dash cam in the Philippines review: Conclusion

There are a lot of fake cameras in the market, particularly on e-commerce platforms where dash cameras are available for sale by private sellers at ridiculous cheap prices. Don’t ever fall for that trap.

We will advise our readers to shop at official showrooms or big digital shopping malls or at least purchase your dash cam from sellers who your friends or relatives already made transactions with. Check out for more updated car news, tips and reviews!


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