Hiace Vs Starex: A Showdown Between The Two Most Outstanding Vans

Nov 10, 2020


The 16-seat cars' market distribution has never been less dynamic with two famous stars from Toyota and Hyundai. Let's learn more about the Hiace vs Starex battle in the Philippines right now!

Hiace Vs Starex: Introduction

From the first releases, the Hyundai Starex and the Toyota Hiace have instantly already received massive recognition from drivers around the world and have become two of the best-selling cars in the large van segment in the Philippines.

Recently, two international brands' latest generations have come back with brand-new outlooks. Due to strong upgrades in both exterior and interior designs, especially a powerful engine base, these models will surely bring countless surprises and engaging experiences to car lovers in the following years.

Stay tuned with Philtoyota.com and get into a deeper comparison between Hiace vs Starex to see which model will shake you off harder! 

Hiace Vs Starex: Exterior

Both Hyundai Starex and Toyota Hiace not only stand out for their huge bulky bodies but also for the advanced equipment of multiple sharp and detailed features.

Hyundai Starex 2020 offers a fairly basic design language that is commonly seen in the car markets. However, the model is still equipped with various outstanding distinguished details that are exclusively designed by the 53 years-old Korean manufacturers.

The headlamp cluster is designed in a square and large shape with automatic control and superior lighting capabilities while the capo stands out with an extremely unique and fancy semicircle that creates a strong and sturdy outlook. The car has a fairly large overall size compared to other competitors in the segment.

Hyundai Starex's exterior design

The Starex's overall dimensions of length x width x height are 5150 x 1920 x 1925 mm, which gives the car a comfortable and spacious cabin 

While Hyundai Starex brings simplicity, Toyota Hiace is considered a highly competitive Japanese model with a luxurious design. 

Possessing a superficial body with neutral but no less external features, the Toyota Hiace 2020 boasts an overall dimension of length x width x height of 5380 mm x 1880 mm x 2285 mm.

Another striking exterior feature of the Hiace making it stands out in this Hiace vs Starex in the Philippines battle is two convex circular fog lights that can effectively maximize the driver's visibility in densely foggy weather.

The Toyota Hiace's exterior

The Toyota Hiace's modern exterior design.

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Hiace Vs Starex: Interior

Hyundai Starex and Toyota Hiace are both equipped with a 4-spoke steering wheel, but with Hyundai Starex, its wheel is covered by leather.

starex vs hiace

 The Starex's comfortable leather seats will relax you more than the Hiace's.

Take a glimpse of the interior space of the Hyundai Starex and we will see the glamor soft fabrics and luxurious color schemes with the minimalist dashboard area. On the side of the steering wheel is the instrument cluster displaying sharp driving parameters.

About Toyota's model, it is equipped with a solid steering wheel and an advanced Analog dashboard with contrasting colors, which is super easy to control and can also support the driver with quick-indications. When entering the Hiace's cabin, customers can be surprised by the spacious and comfortable cabin. 

Toyota Hiace's cabin backview

The Toyota Hiace roomy cabin's look from the back.

Hiace Vs Starex: Practicality

In the Starex, the seats are integrated omnidirectional to help customers comfortably choose the most suitable seating position.

The car includes a total of 4 rows of seats and up to 11 seats for passengers. The front seats are integrated with a seating position. However, this location is only suitable for kids as it's not that spacious.

starex vs hiace 2020 philippines

The second and third-row seats of the Starex have a standard 2-person structure.

However, passengers sitting between rows 2 and 3 will be quite exhausted because there is no headrest. The cabin space is relatively large, however, if drivers want to make more space, they can easily fold the rear seats flat.

On the contrary, the Toyota Hiace comes with felt seats and extra seats. Its 2nd to 4th seat rows can recline comfortably to help passengers relax on long journeys. Moreover, the rear seats of the Hiace can be folded to the sides to increase the storage space when needed.

Another point is the driver's side window as it is integrated with the electric up and down control with automatic touch, which can help the driver to feel more comfortable when operating at any time, even in the dark.

Hiace Vs Starex: Engine, Transmission & Performance


In this round of the Hyundai Starex vs Toyota Hiace, compared with the old version, the Hyundai Starex has been increased by 216 Nm of torque to help the car perform better. Combined with the engine, a 5-speed automatic transmission and the rear-wheel-drive system have enabled the Hyundai model to move smoothly on many different terrains.

Hyundai Starex 2020's engine

The engine under the hood of the Hyundai Starex 2020.

Toyota Hiace, on the other hand, is a practically sporty van. Its manufactured-purpose is mainly for passenger's experiences and practical services, so the Toyota manufacturers have equipped it with a turbo engine that can instantly generate maximum torque once stirring the wheel.

Toyota Hiace's engine

Under the hood of the all-new Toyota Hiace in the Philippines

For the fuel-efficiency, Toyota has enhanced the Hiace's fuel consumption to only 8L/100km when traveling on the road and about 10L/100km when traveling in urban areas.

Transmission and Performance

Thanks to its 6-speed transmission, Hiace comes in both manual and automatic configuration, whereas Starex only comes with a less appealing 5-speed automatic transmission.

Hiace Vs Starex: Features & Equipment

Buying the Starex, these are some features' convenience you will be provided:

  • Automatic Light Control
  • Reverse Camera
  • Dual Airbags
  • Parking Sensors
  • USB/BT Connectivity
  • Single Zone Climate Control

With the Hiace, some added features for the full-safety are:

  • Dual Airbags
  • Braking Assist
  • Central Locking
  • Power Front Windows
  • Slide & Recline Seats
  • Dual Zone Climate Control

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Hiace Vs Starex: Variants & Prices

The prices of Hyundai Starex is only in the range of around PHP 1,200,000 to PHP 2,900,000 and not much different from the Toyota opponent. Compared to the Toyota Hiace, the Starex is also difficult to beat in terms of brand strength.

Hope this piece following information on the Toyota Hiace vs Hyundai Starex prices in the Philippines can help you with quick browsing and consulting afterward.

Hiace Vs Starex: Final Words

With today's Hiace vs Starex comparison as well as their prices for 2020, we hope you enjoy it and wish you much luck with your ultimate choice in the near future!

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