Toyota Vios Accessories: Some Remarkable Notices For You

Oct 15, 2020


To showcase a new version while keeping the engine and powertrain intact, which accessories type the Toyota Vios will add to defeat its competitors and make way to become the Philippines' best-selling model?

Toyota Vios Accessories: Introduction

Toyota Vios is a small sedan that was first introduced in 2002. Over many generations, this model has still received a lot of attention and is highly appreciated by both car experts and consumers.

Facing the increasing demand of the market and its competitors' stronger attack, Toyota has just launched a brand new generation Toyota Vios. With a new design, upgraded amenities, and high safety standards, the new generation of the Toyota Vios can confidently compete with competitors in the B-segment of the sedan section.

There will be lots of interesting aspects of this 4-seater car that you may not want to miss, including the harmonized combination of modern-added accessories and equipment. now helps you to explore the best Toyota Vios accessories in the Philippines, their unique features along with the prices listed in the following article. Let's find out more with us right away!

1. Toyota Vios Accessories: Superman Window Door Visor

Price: From PHP 795

When driving, you can cope with any kind of weather such as rain, storm, or extreme sunlight... Sometimes, a car's window can not completely help you through all these natural hardships.

vios accessories philippines

The Toyota Vios Superman Window Door Visor

To ensure more-fully-protections for your family and yourself, you should install the window door visor. A Toyota Vios will be much more stylish with a proper window cover. It will give you a lot of benefits such as avoiding heavy rain droppings or intense sunlight from the sun.

2. Toyota Vios Accessories: Rain Guard Window Visor

Price: From PHP 1,498

This window visor practically has similar capacities as the main thing. Be that as it may, this specific Toyota Vios frill is produced with a silver net, making it tougher than those produced ones using ABS plastic.

The Toyota Vios Rain Guard Window Visor

The Toyota Vios Rain Guard Window Visor

The Toyota Vios rain watch window visor diverts downpour, harmful UV beams, and wind from your vehicle's windows. However, you should notice that it is double the cost of every ABS plastic products, so beware of it initially before making a purchase.

3. Toyota Vios Accessories: Side Step Protector (Side Step Sill)

Price: PHP 1,299

The original Toyota Vios is not equipped with foot braces by manufacturers. Both the car's inner and outer door sills are places where high friction and high force are often caused each time users enter and exit the vehicle.


Toyota Vios Side Step Protector

The Toyota Vios Side Step Protector

Therefore, the car's step will quickly get dirty, frayed, scratched, or even deformed, some cases can be difficult to clean/fix.

Installing the car scratch-resistant foot-rest will prevent the door sill from being damaged and scratched. There are often many anti-slip grooves on the footrest's surface to increase grip while making it easier and more convenient to get on and off the car.

4. Toyota Vios Accessories: Pedal Pads for Manual Transmission

Price: From PHP 1,099

Over time, a car's pedal surface can be worn out, resulting in slipping or breaking. If the pedal support is not provided, a hazardous situation may be caused.

By equipping your car with a suitable pedal cover, you can ensure traffic safety in the long-term as well as keep your Toyota Vios more lively for everyday driving. 

Toyota Vios Pedal Pads for Manual Transmission

Toyota Vios Pedal Pads for Manual Transmission

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5. Toyota Vios Accessories: Silicone Key Cover

Price: From PHP 89

Losing your key is likely one of the most unnerving circumstances a driver can understand. It is the reason why a silicone key spread can be convenient at any time as it is one of the most moderate extras you can purchase on the web.

It will make your vehicle key look as new and can likewise give a grasp, so losing your keys will be more averse to occur. Additionally, the silicone key cover can also shield your keys from scratches.


toyota vios accessories price list philippines

The Silicone Key Cover for Toyota Vios

6. Toyota Vios Accessories: Batman Belta

Price: From PHP 1,998

Filipinos are known to epithet the Toyota Vios with hero names. As one of the most notable Toyota Vios accessories in the Philippines, it would be great equipment to put a Batman grille on your Toyota Vios. 

Nonetheless, you should check what model your car is as this works just on the second generation.

toyota vios accessories shop

The shiny Toyota Vios Batman Belta Grill

7. Toyota Vios Accessories: Premium Rubber Matting

Price: From PHP 1,595

With an elastic car mat, you can clean up dust, mud, and dirty water easier than ever.

toyota vios accessories philippines

The Toyota Vios Premium Rubber Matting

The premium rubber matting will assist you in cleaning your Toyota Vios effortlessly and prevent harm to the ground surface. 

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8. Toyota Vios Accessories: Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Chrome

Price: From PHP 1,495

Garnishing covers are the key elements that make a vehicle stand out. These covers are small and delicate-like yet can deliver tons of effects and bring outstanding styling.

The chrome garnish set incorporates fog light, taillight, entryway bowl internal, entryway handle, and gas tank covers.

Toyota Vios Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Chrome

The Toyota Vios Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Chrome

Overall, with the simple furnishing and decorating purposes, the Toyota Vios prime garnishes chrome cover set is truly worth-purchasing.

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9. Toyota Vios Accessories: Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Matte Black

Price: From PHP 1,445

Like The Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Chrome, this Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Matte Black can also protect your car from unwanted scratches.

While the Chrome set gives your vehicle a luxurious and sleek look, the Matte Black gives your vehicle a strong, healthy, yet polite appearance. It can also deliver a more mysterious and calm allure.

toyota vios accessories

Toyota Vios Prime Garnish Cover Combo Set Matte Black

10. Toyota Vios Accessories: Towing Hook

Price: From PHP 450

On the off chance that you are using your Toyota Vios as your everyday vehicle, the vehicle breakdowns are probably going to occur.

In that case, you can get your Toyota Vios towed your own or with your friends/family instead of calling towing services that can cost you a great deal. Moreover, this is the necessary equipment, so you should always keep one in the garage for active use and convenience. 

You can easily get one good-qualified towing hook for your car in any Toyota Vios accessories shop in the Philippines. The chance of your finding the affordable and suitable one is all filled.  

The Toyota Vios Towing Hook Accessories

The Toyota Vios Towing Hook Accessories

Toyota Vios Accessories: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What number of variations is the Toyota PH offering for the Vios?

For the 2020 Toyota Vios, the Toyota PH offers a sum of 9 variations that incorporate either a manual transmission or CVT.

2. How much is the Toyota Vios in the Philippines?

Currently, Toyota Vios is being distributed in the Philippines with many versions at the price from PHP 671,000 to PHP 1,056,000. This is a perfectly reasonable price for you to own a Toyota Vios.

3. Would it be advisable for me to add accessories to my Toyota Vios?

If you want your Toyota Vios to be more distinctive, you can add some suitable accessories to your vehicle as the original one may look too simple for your personality and color tastes.

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