Cars Won't Start: Top 7 Reasons And Solutions

Dec 25, 2020


Read our article to understand why sometimes the car won’s start and how to fix it.

Car Won't Start: Introduction

Does your car engine refuse to start? You have tried a million times, but it still can't work? Have you ever started thinking about the reason behind it and looking for a solution?

Don’t worry as is all here to help you with these annoying car won’t start problems.

Noticeably, to save time (if needed), first, you should detect the signs of the problem, then consult some reliable online/offline guides to get a full explanation and find your own way to fix it.

Car Won't Start: Top Common Reasons & How To Quickly Troubleshoot Them

Symptom 1: The Engine Is Dead

Battery Terminals Are Not In Optimal Condition 

Generally, car manufacturers make the original battery terminals of metal. It may sound solid, but these materials generally have low rust resistance. Therefore, after long-term use, the terminal cannot maintain its original state due to corrosion. 

This will adversely affect the battery's conductivity. Gradually, the battery will no longer be capable of transferring energy to the engine. 

car won't start but cranks

The Battery terminals should be kept clean to avoid some latter problems.

The recommended solution for you is to replace the original battery terminal with a new high-quality terminal, which can be used for a long time and improve the battery's efficiency.

Security System Has Failed

Currently, many car models are equipped with an advanced security system. This function is usually encrypted in the car keys. When you use the key, the car will automatically check the encrypted data, whether it is correct or not. You'll then be in full control of your vehicle.

However, this validation system does not always work properly since all of these electronics elements have little chance of malfunction. 

car won't start but lights come on

A failed car security system could block you out and causes more problems.

If this happens, the car will understand that you are trying to break into it illegally. Therefore, the car will not start because it blocks you or even prevents you from starting the engine. The best way to avoid this is to check and replace the key battery regularly.

The Car Battery Is Dead

Some car features still require a small amount of energy, even when your car is switched off to continue running. This little energy consumption allows the battery to progressively lose electricity in containing ions. 

This is usually not a problem. However, if the car is not used for a long-time, the car battery may lose all of its stored electricity. And this is another easy-neglected reason why the car won't start.

reasons why car won't start

Using a frequently charged car battery may help recoup energy. 

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The Gear Lever Is Not In The Correct Position

Another seem-to-be-ridiculous reason preventing your car from starting is the improper position of the gear lever. 

If the knob is not down to the P position, the car with automatic transmission will not start. On the other hand, if you put the car into gear without pushing the clutch, the same problem occurs with manual transmission cars. 

For those who own a car using the "Start/Stop" button, remember to hit the brakes before pressing the button.

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Symptom 2: The Engine Starts For A Few Seconds Then Dies Immediately

Mechanical Failure Of The Starter

The electrical magnetic tubes in the starter are not the only cause when the car won’t start. Many factors may gradually affect the effectiveness of the starter such as corrosion of gears, ball bearings, etc. Before the starter is damaged enough to start the engine, some warning signals will be shown to the driver. 

car won't start causes

Mechanical failure of the starter can be one of the reasons for the car starting problem.

Please pay attention to the brightness of the headlights when turning them off and on. If the light has become blurred, you should replace the starter with a new one.

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The Spark Plug Cannot Ignite The Fuel

After the compression, the fuel mixture will be ignited by the spark plugs. That is when the engine has starting energy. 

car won't start

If the car cannot start, the spark plug may be at fault.

These small parts are responsible for generating electric sparks at the right time and at the precise pressure to burn fuel. The process needs all these mentioned factors that occur simultaneously to provide power to the engine. 

Fortunately, replacing the spark plug is very simple. You can do this at home or at a service station.

The Car Is Running Out Of Fuel

There's no need to argue about how critical the fuel is for the engine. However, some drivers have a quite poor habit of letting the amount of fuel drop too much, even to the lowest level in every day driving. 

car won't start causes

The engine requires a sufficient amount of fuel to run normally. 

Since the engine compresses the fuel mixture and then burns it with sparks to produce thermal power, therefore, if the fuel level is below the appropriate standard, a fuel compress can not be performed and power can also not be transported as normal to start the vehicle.

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Car Won't Start: Final Words

In general, depending on the case, you will have a suitable solution for the problems of your vehicle. If your car is still in warranty, you should have it serviced in a reliable center.

Besides, you can always get to a good tool-equipped external garage and fix it on your own if you are confident enough in the automotive technical knowledge.

No matter what the reasons are, we hope that you can find a way to solve the problems most suitably and easily. A car won't start - maybe it is no more a challenge for you right now.

Thank you for staying with us till the end and see you next time with more exclusively Toyota Stories in the Philippines!


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