7 Best Tire Brands In The Philippines 2020: Review, Cost, Advantages & Disadvantages

Oct 29, 2020


Looking for the best tires for your cars? You are on the right way! Here are the 7 best tire brands in the Philippines for every type of vehicle. Let’s get into the detail right now!

Tire Brands in the Philippines: First Thoughts

Many car tire brands mentioned in the following article may be familiar to you, but I think it's better once you know everything in more detail when you want to purchase a good pack of tires for your car.

We understand your concern in finding one of the most durable and high-qualified car tires on the market. Don't think it is a difficult task because Philtoyota.com is all here to help you.

best tire brands philippines

A good car tire can benefit your driving experiences in every best way.

Here is our list of top 7 tire brands in the Philippines in 2020 with reviews, price, pros, and cons. We hope you will enjoy it! 

Let's dig into the significant part of this article right away!

Tire Brands in the Philippines: Best 7 Outstanders In The Market

1. Aeolus Tires

The origin of Aeolus Tires is from a Chinese company. Aeolus's manufacturer emphasizes producing tires for regular automobiles and trucks.

Aeolus Tires offers users a suitable quality tire at an affordable price with Europe's quality standard. The majority of people using the Aeolus tires pleases with this qualified combination, which makes Aeolus become one of the best tire brands in the Philippines for many years.

Aeolus tires philippines

The Chinese brand offers lots of reasonable tire options.

Recommended Aeolus tires 

Truck: Neo All Roads S, Neo Fuel S+, Neo All Roads D, Neo Urban G.

Agriculture: AE74, AE77, AE21 and AE23

Earthmoving: AE37, AE39, and AE45. 



Suitable price



2. Yokohama Tires

Yokohama is a well-known Japanese brand offering excellent and durable quality products and has built its solid reputation for a long time. Yokohama's tires are popular because of their acceptable quality and affordability, which are all attractive features of these original-Japanese-made products.

The high Japanese standard is the main reason Yokohama tires are always in the best tire brands in the Philippines list.

best tire brands philippines

Yokohama Tires - A popular Japanese tire brand

Recommended Kumho tires 

KH16, KH25, TA11, and TA71

Ecsta V720, 4XII, LX-Platinum


PHP 7,500 - PHP 22,000






5. Michelin Tires

Michelin is a French company that only specifies in producing tires. Not many people know this fact, but except for car tires, Michelin manufacturers also produce tires for bicycles and motorbikes.

The most familiar logo of Michelin Tires

The most familiar logo of Michelin 

Recommended Michelin tires 

Defender, Premier LTX, Michelin Primacy MXM4


PHP 5,000 - PHP 61,000


Good quality

Smooth performance


Quite expensive

The majority of users have voted for Michelin as one of the remarkable tire brands in the Philippines for many years. People will choose this brand because of its high-quality and reputation, although Michelin tires' prices are rather high compared to other products from different brands. 

Except for the 'price problem' of Michelin, almost every aspect of this tire's brand quality is significantly good.

6. Nexen Tires

Nexen Distribution Philippines Inc is the manufacturer of Nexen tires, a domestic tire brand of Filipino. Several types of vehicles that could use Nexen tires are SUV, pickup, and passenger cars. Nexen tires show their best even when you drive in both slippy dry and extremely wet weather.

Recommended Nexen tires 

Roadian HP, Roadian CT8, Roadian HTX RH5

CP321, CP521.


PHP 2,700 - PHP 22,000


Good all-season tires

Good performance



Poor tread wear

Nexen tires will be your promising option if you want to challenge some rough surfaces yet still can be charged at a low price.

Nexen tires

Nexen produces good-qualified tires for many types of vehicles.

7. Sunfull Tires 

Sunfull is a new tire brand of Unicorn Tire Co. since 2007. Sunfull specifies in manufacturing tires for light trucks and buses, etc. Considering its age in the tire industry, Sunfull deserves to become one of the top good tire brands in the Philippines line-ups.

Sunfull tires also have an affordable price that Sunfull can be a daunting competitor for other brands.

A new Sunfull car tires

A brand-new but excellent tire brand from Sunfull. 

Recommended Sunfull tires 

SF-688, SF-982, SF-05, SF-983 AS


Nice design


Bad performance snowy condition

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Common Questions Asked When Choosing The Best Tire Brands In The Philippines

1. What kinds of tires are best for any specific vehicle?

  • All-Season tires: Flexible to perform well from city roads to the country routes. Manufacturers use hard rubber compounds to produce to lengthen its lifetime.
  • All-terrain tires: Standardized grip to drive on the rough or muddy surface. Strengthened sidewalls & yearlong usability.
  • Low-profile tires: Should not use on rough surfaces to maintain quality.
  • Mud-tires: Perform off-road, mud, or sand topography. Large tread blocks and deep voids.
  • Performance tires:  Stiffs and wider apex. Large tread blocks and short sidewalls.
  • Truck tires: Specified in vehicles carry a massive quantity as trucks and containers.

2. Can you afford brand new car tires?

If some high-quality tires that you pay attention to are too expensive, you may want to purchase used car tires. It's not something that bad if you know tips on how to choose a good-enough one.

3. Do you know the exact size of your car tire?

The tires are compatible with the size and shape of the specific car models. The bigger your vehicle is, the larger the tires are.

best car tire brand in the philippines

Knowing how to choose the size of the suitable tire is significant to change its performance and ensure your safety

If you hesitate to determine the tire size, check the car's handbook. Every car manufacturer will write down the tire size in the manual for users. Also, there are a lot of ways to calculate the fittable tire size for your automobile by some online tips & tools.

Choosing the most trustworthy tire for your car is no easy task but hopefully, after reading these quick notices on tire brands in the Philippines, you can have a closer look at the suitable products or brands to go for. 

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