Fuel Consumption of Toyota Wigo and Tips To Extend Its Mileage

Jan 08, 2023


Read our article below to know more about the fuel consumption of Toyota Wigo!

Fuel Consumption Of Toyota Wigo: Introduction

One of the most important considerations for many motorists when buying an automobile is fuel usage. Having a car with excellent fuel-saving capabilities is crucial, especially in nations with high levels of traffic congestion like the Philippines.

Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) introduces the Toyota Wigo aimed at the affordable hatchback segment. With the competitive starting price at P568k and low fuel consumption, the Toyota Wigo quickly approached the local market and gained great support from many Filippinos. Is Toyota Wigo fuel efficient and should we buy a Toyota Wigo

Philtoyota.com will now show you more details on the fuel consumption of Toyota Wigo, and some tips to extend its mileage in the following article.

fuel consumption of toyota wigo

Among all cars with low fuel economy, the Toyota Wigo is undoubtedly a highlight. 

Fuel Consumption of Toyota Wigo: Performance

The engine of a vehicle is typically the most crucial component for calculating its fuel consumption. Theoretically, a smaller engine should use less fuel. Furthermore, weight has an impact on a vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Along with being compact, the TMP provides the smallest 1.0 liter DOHC VVT-i petrol engine, which can produce 65 horsepower and 89 Nm of torque, with all Toyota Wigo models.

Toyota Wigo G Engine

The Toyota Wigo has two transmission options: a 5-speed manual and a 4-speed automatic.

For fuel consumption, the top variant TRD S 1.0 AT was taken to represent the test result of the Wigo. The test is conducted by experts and consists of two parts: Test driving on the city streets and test driving on the highway.

For an average speed of 40 km/h in the city, the average fuel consumption of the Toyota Wigo TRD reaches 15.2 km/L. With the EDSA route (exactly from Pasay to Trinoma), this figure is quite impressive. On the other hand, on the highway, the average speed of the Toyota Wigo TRD reaches 90 km/h. It continues to surprise testers with economical fuel consumption of 24.3 km/liter.

Overall, the Wigo TRD variant is quite heavier than others, with a body kit consisting of a rear skirt, a side skirt, a TRD rear spoiler, and a front spoiler. Just so you know, heavier weight means higher fuel consumption. 

Toyota Wigo fuel comsumption

It would be best for you to save more fuel with the E and G Wigo variants.

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Fuel Consumption of Toyota Wigo: How To Extend Overall Mileage

Although the Toyota Wigo is super fuel-efficient, you can always save more fuel when using this hatchback. The list of four tips below can help you get the most out of fuel efficiency:

1. Always make sure the pressure of the Wigo tires meets the manufacturer's regulations.

When you run with tire pressure that is lower than the recommended amount, traction will improve. The engine will have to work harder due to the increased drag, which raises fuel consumption.

Wigo city driving fuel consumption

Always make sure your Toyota Wigo 14-inch alloy wheels will meet the required tire pressure.

2. Avoid Heavy Loads While Driving

The Toyota Wigo is a small hatchback, not a multi-tasked and bulky pickup as the Hilux. Therefore, the load-bearing capacity of the Wigo is only on average, sometimes can’t even compare to other models in the same segment. Besides, its 1.0 liters engine also does not reach the high rating.

The heavy loads carried on the Toyota Wigo that is packed with small and light features will exceed its load capacity and increase fuel consumption.

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3. Select Gearbox

With the ability to change gear more often than manual transmission (MT), the auto transmission (AT) has a higher fuel consumption performing on the same engine. Not only that, drivers who are familiar with the workings of revs and gears can save more fuel when using a manual transmission. 

For the Toyota Wigo, you can choose the E or G variant with a manual transmission to improve fuel economy to the maximum.

4. Follow The Scheduled Periodic Maintenance

To get the best fuel economy while driving on a regular basis, you should adhere to the manufacturer's recommended Wigo Preventive Maintenance Schedule (PMS). Every other component of the engine will function flawlessly with the new motor oil, effectively reducing the Toyota Wigo's fuel usage.

toyota wigo fuel consumption km/l

Don't skip the 1,000 km checkup for it helps make sure your car is working properly on the road.

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Fuel Consumption of Toyota Wigo: Conclusion

The Toyota Wigo is the ideal choice for people looking to purchase an economical yet incredibly fuel-efficient automobile model because of its dependability and practicality, exceptional sporty style, and ability to conserve gasoline. You and the vehicle will never lose fashion on the road, especially if you choose the top TRD S type.

We trust that this page has given you all the information you require on the Toyota Wigo fuel consumption.

Thanks for reading and see you next time with more updated Toyota Stories in the Philippines


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