Detailed evaluation of the Toyota AE86 series and the price is given

Mar 14, 2023


Toyota AE86 is the predecessor model, inspiring Toyota to launch the Toyota FT86 sports car later. Toyota AE86 is equipped with many features and operating mechanisms worth owning.

The Toyota AE86 is a popular Toyota sports car model produced from 1983 to 1987. Produced with attention to performance, speed, and sporty design, the Toyota AE86 is a Legendary car in the racing world. Legendary Toyota AE86 is also equipped with many modern features for its era that have been appreciated by many customers in the Philippines market.

Detailed evaluation of the Toyota AE86

Detailed evaluation of the Toyota AE86

Toyota AE86 sprinter trueno

Toyota AE86 was produced from 1983 to 1987, belongs to the group of popular street cars, besides some other names such as Nissan GT-R, Toyota Supra, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo,... develops today's GT86, FT86, Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ rear-wheel drive sports cars.

The Toyota AE86 is available in both coupe and hatchback body styles, and this compact car is truly a marvel. It puts Toyota on the motorsports enthusiast's map and represents a cheap way to have fun on the road. During the production of the AE86, many manufacturers in the Philippines imitated it. The AE86's impact on car and gaming culture has been huge, and here's what everyone needs to know about the icon.

About the exterior

Toyota AE86 has a neat, slim design with sharp lines and is full of power. At the front, Toyota AE86 is equipped with a characteristic round headlight cluster, surrounded by floating lights and a spoiler that helps create more efficiency for the wind tunnel. The trapezoidal grille is strongly designed with the Toyota logo in the middle as the highlight of the front part of the car.

The side of the Toyota AE86 has a two-door design, a compact rear and longitudinal lines on the body to enhance features. The distinctive and tattered wheels combined with the raised edges create a sporty and attractive appearance.
The rear of the car is designed with square taillights surrounded by clear, powerful lines. The angular lines are designed to be strong and solid, creating a strong impression.

All details are arranged and combined harmoniously to create a sophisticated, beautiful and personality exterior design. Toyota AE86 is considered one of the sports cars with the impressive and unique exterior design of Toyota.


Toyota AE86 has a neat, slim design

About the furniture

The interior of the Toyota AE86 is designed to be simple but optimized to meet the driver's needs in sports driving activities. The space inside the car is quite tight, but it is equipped with specialized and comfortable equipment. The car's seats are designed with firm cushions and backs so that the occupants do not get tired during long driving. The control panel in front of the steering wheel is simply arranged with measurement parameters and reports of speed, engine rpm, remaining data level, ...

The Toyota AE86 is also equipped with a standard audio system and air conditioning system, however, these features are not the priority of a true sports car like the AE86.

In addition, the car is also equipped with a precise and easy-to-control steering system, along with a good braking system, making the car's control work more flexible and safer during high-speed trips.

In general, although the interior of the Toyota AE86 does not have too many comfort features, it is still designed to optimize for sports driving, helping the driver feel naked when driving the car. this fully featured car.

Toyota AE86 engine

Toyota AE86 is equipped with the 4A-GE engine, one of Toyota's most famous and popular engines. This is a DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft), 4-cylinder in-line, 1.6L capacity, the product produces a capacity of 112 to 130 hp according to the version.

With the DOHC engine design, the stroke valves are controlled by 2 camshafts (camshafts) on the cylinder head. This helps increase engine efficiency by allowing for more precise control of the engine's entry and exit. The 4A-GE engine is also equipped with a multi-point fuel injection system, which enhances performance and reduces friction.

With powerful performance and high durability, the 4A-GE engine has become the symbol of the Toyota AE86 and is loved in the motorsport and racing community. In addition, this engine is also equipped with a water cooling system and a dual exhaust system, enhancing heat dissipation and engine efficiency.

In short, the 4A-GE engine was a key part of the success of the Toyota AE86, making it one of the icons of the automotive industry and one of the most beloved sports cars in particular.  

Toyota AE86 is equipped with the 4A-GE engine

Toyota AE86 is equipped with the 4A-GE engine

Toyota AE86 price Philippines

If you are a fan of sports cars and are passionate about classic cars, then the Toyota AE86 will be a worthy choice. With its sporty exterior design, powerful engine and superb action, this car has become one of the icons of the automotive world.

One of the reasons why the Toyota AE86 is so popular is its reasonable price. For a little more than P250,000, you can own a legendary sports car, equipped with a powerful engine and excellent performance.

What makes the reputation of the Toyota AE86 lies not only in its performance and features, but also in its ambition to establish a community of motorsport enthusiasts. Toyota AE86 enthusiasts have created a passionate community with innovation and originality. This car has also become a motorsport icon in the global racing culture.

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