Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines Review: Here we go

8.0 Price: ₱55,700 |Body type: Hatchback
We put the 2019 Toyota Wigo in the spotlight via this review.

Even with the fast-growing number of hatchbacks made available locally, Toyota’s entry-level representative, the Toyota Wigo (the other being the Yaris), continues to be a crowd favorite.

There’s no denying Toyota’s popularity among Filipinos, and the Wigo nameplate truly helps to up the respect and trust of customers all over the country. If you’re looking to buy a vehicle at this price point, take a look at what the latest Toyota Wigo has to offer.

The 2019 Wigo has a total of four variants - each proving to be one of the more comfortable entry-level cars you can try.

Now let's explore this hatchback details by details in the Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines Review by

2019 Toyota Wigo 1.0L G | Review | S2 E12

1. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Exterior

This newly-released hatchback is available in six colors – Orange Metallic, black, white, red, Silver Mica Metallic, and Gray Metallic. Whichever color you choose, the units are all fitted with a radiator grille in black. 

All variants are equipped with projector headlamps. Front fog lamps are on all trims except the 1.0 VVT-i E MT.

Your color choice will also be applied to the side mirror assembly and outer door handle. The Wigo has a pillar-type radio antenna and a rear window wiper.

This 2019 version of the Toyota Wigo also has a rear window defogger and LED rear combination lamps. All the variants, save for the aforementioned E M/T, boast a stylish rear spoiler with a high-mount stoplight.

The price for the Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT is P631,000, while the 1.0 G MT is worth P596,000.00, the 1.0 TRD AT costs P696,000, and the 1.0 E MT is sold at P557,000.

Toyota Wigo 2019 front view

The variants are equipped with projector headlamps as well as a line guide

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2. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Interior

You’ll be pleased to know that this model has legible digital gauges and indicators. All variants all have a standard tachometer, speedometer, multi-information display, as well as a digital clock.

There is also a warning indicator for the fuel level as well as the parking brake indicator.

The seats are swathed in fabric, with the rear ones collapsible for more room. There are also comfortable headrests for both the front and rear passengers and drivers.

The front occupants have two cupholders, while another cupholder is available for the rear passenger. Door pockets are also accessible for both the front and rear passengers. An extra bottle holder can be found in the rear seat.

Toyota Wigo 2019 interior

The seats are coated with fabric

3. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Engine & Performance

Underneath the hood of the Wigo is a 998cc 1KR-VE three-cylinder, in-line DOHC engine. The maximum output for this is 65hp at 6,000rpm and 89Nm at 4,400 rpm.

The fuel tank can carry 33 liters. When it comes to transmission, both the 1.0 TRD AT and 1.0 G AT have a four-speed automatic gearbox.

The 1.0 G MT and 1.0 E MT, on the other hand, have a five-speed transmission. It’s equipped with a MacPherson strut coil spring at the front, while the rear is fitted with a semi-independent torsion axle beam and coil spring.

There is also a stabilizer and 13-inch ventilated disc brakes at the front wheels. The rear wheels are fitted with drum brakes.

Toyota Wigo 2019 engine

The Engine under the 2019 Wigo is a 1KR-VE 3-Cylinder In-Line, DOHC with VVT-I, and 998 cc displacement. 

4. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Handling and Riding

The Wigo treads smoothly on city lanes, with satisfactory acceleration. It is also easy to maneuver and can sit a tall driver comfortably.

The overall drivability of the Toyota Wigo 2019 is impressive which also makes parking in tight spots easy.

Toyota wigo 2019 driving seat comfort

 It is easy to maneuver and can sit a tall diver comfortably

5. Toyota Wigo 2019: Safety and Entertainment

For safety features, the Toyota Wigo 2019 has child lock protection for the rear doors. This will ensure the safety of young passengers whether you’re on the road or parked. There are also dual SRS airbags at the front for both the driver and passenger.

The seatbelts at the rear are 3 pt. ELR, while the seatbelts at the front include a pre-tensioner and a force limiter for added safety. There is also touchscreen infotainment to keep you entertained if heavy traffic is up ahead.

6. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines Review: Verdict

The model is packed with features that can be found in more expensive vehicles. Although it doesn’t have all the features that you’ll ever want, the Toyota Wigo 2019 has everything you could need and then some. This is best for people who are looking for affordable cars with dependable quality.

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