Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Review - A Worth-the-money Car

10.0 Price: ₱5,200,000 |Body type: SUV/MPV
The Toyota company has upgraded many car models, and Land Cruise is one of them. This Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Review is for you if you intend to buy it.
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Heading to the South in Luzon is a truck transporting the very first batch of new Land Cruiser units, which confirms that Toyota’s most famous SUV nameplate has received a modern touch. 

This brand-new car will be soon introduced to the Philippine market under its full-size luxury SUV category as the country’s leading carmaker with a more suitable price than other SUVs like Land Rover and Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon.

This Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 review will give you a deeper look at this variant of Toyota and convinces you that it is worth the money to buy it. Please keep reading and find out whether you should buy it or not!

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Review

Toyota Land Cruiser Specs

All New Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 is equipped with many updated features which can help users be more comfortable.

The table below will show you various noticeable specs of this car in 2022 in the Philippines.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Philippines Specs


5,115 mm - VX/ 5,130 mm - ZX


1,980 mm


1,945 mm


302 PH@4,000 rpm


700 Nm@1,600 to 2,600 rpm

Fuel Type



10-speed AT



Suspension (Front)

Double Wishbone

Rear Suspension



265/65R18 for VX and 265/55R20 for ZX

Toyota Land Cruiser Price

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 price Philippines begins from Php 5.210 million for the variant VX Attitude Black Mica. And this car can cost you up to Php 5,678,000 for the ZX Precious White Pearl.

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Toyota Land Cruiser Exterior

This new third-generation model of Toyota's iconic SUV meets the LC300 and takes luxury off-roading to new heights with a bolder design that's sure to turn heads on any city street or out in the wilderness. 

Its signature grille, updated technology, and an entirely new engine will help keep you focused - even while traversing rocky trails miles away from civilization.

Four colors are available for the Land Cruiser 300: Silver Metallic, Attitude Black, Gray Metallic, and White Pearl Crystal Shine (VX only). And Precious White Pearl if you have a ZX.

Another advantage of this model is that the design is quite pleasing. Over the years, this Toyota has kept its functionality intact, but it hasn't abandoned its original look at all, which is something that can't always be said for other SUVs. 

That said, you should stick with sedans and crossovers to maintain the style, especially if you're used to SUVs. If your interests lean towards the sporty, avoid this model since it will likely disappoint you in that regard; instead, look for compact SUVs.

This car's extra length and wheelbase set it apart from the rest of its rivals.

There are 4 colors of Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

The Toyota Rush is equipped with a 6.8-inch touchscreen infotainment head unit, which comes standard in all variants. 

The system has connectivity options like Bluetooth, AUX, and USB ports. Still, it does not have support for Android Auto or Apple CarPlay - this is because the system runs on an outdated operating system which makes it incompatible with those platforms.

The interior of the Land Cruiser is top premium. All of the seats, except for the last row, are designed to induce a sense of ease into the passenger. A slew of accessory power outlets, leather sears, dual climate control, and a 6-speaker system are all cool for car lovers. 

Sadly, the 3rd-row occupants are another disadvantage when using this car. It may be completely uncomfortable for adults when going for a long distance. 

Engine and Performance

The Land Cruisers are offered with a V6 double-turbo 3.3-liter petrol engine with 70Nm torque and 302 PH.

Furthermore, the Land Cruiser is a perfect fit for those looking for a truck that offers an ultra-capable off-road performance. 

Because it comes equipped with a high-quality 4WD system as standard, you can also rest assured that this off-roading beast will have no problem maneuvering over obstacles of almost any kind - from muddy trails to serious terrain like rocky landscapes.

However, if the priority factor that makes you buy a car is saving fuel consumption, the Land Cruiser may not be a good choice. However, it is still economical when you use unleaded gasoline.

Land Cruiser interior

Toyota Land Cruiser Safety

Last but not least, the Toyota car brand is renowned for its safety features, some of which are included in the Land Cruiser – SRS airbags, a suite of the brake control system, seatbelts, and headrests. The Land Cruiser also gained a 5-star score from the Australasian New Car Assessment Program.


The Land Cruiser from Toyota is one of the most budget-friendly and luxury SUVs you can buy, and it has managed to do an excellent job in holding up over time. Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied with this car.

We hope that this Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Review will be helpful for you before coming to your final decision. If you need further information, don’t hesitate to contact us via hotline. We are always willing to support you!



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