All-new Toyota Rush 2019 Philippines: Price, Specs, Features

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Toyota Rush Variants (3)

Toyota Rush Profile

Brief overview

SUVs are a family favorite. It is the most practical choice, and it meets the needs of most families. Toyota’s Rush has become one of the most noteworthy cars here in the Philippines because of its unique body type and what’s inside its hood since it was launched in 2018.

More compact compared to other SUVs, the Rush boasts Toyota’s pride of Dual VVTi 4-cylinder gasoline mill. It can produce 102 HP and a torque of 134 Nm. Potential buyers have the option for a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic tranny.

This 5-7 seater SUV is more prominent than its brother, the Fortuner. It can provide ample space not just for the complete family but also more than enough space for the cargo. This second-generation SUV also comes in 3 variants so it can suit the needs of the whole family. 

The Toyota Rush 1.5 E MT is a 5-seater variant and retails for PHP 948,000.00 while its automatic counterpart has a price tag of PHP 988,000.00. The newest addition is the 7-seater Toyota Rush 1.5 G AT and can be yours for PHP 1,070,000.00.

Exterior Highlights

Billed as a forerunner for the best family car, here are some more wins that make Rush a perfect family vehicle:

Toyota Rush is not considered as a premium model, but its list of premium kits would make you think otherwise. It has auto-on headlights, remote key fob, auto-climate control, and power-folding mirrors, to name a few. For a not-premium car, it is already extraordinary.

Interior Highlights


Well rounded air conditioning – for an SUV and a low bar, the air-conditioning system of Rush is well rounded, and it is something that owners are happy about. The passengers seated at the second and the third rows won’t have any issues with the temperature as there is a dedicated A/C at the rear.

Alternative driving position – tall drivers cramped in an SUV is such an unpleasant experience. Toyota’s Rush made sure that this is addressed; that’s why there is an option to adjust the driver’s position to provide more room. This will surely make the driving experience of everyone, regardless of height memorable.

Like any other model and product, Toyota’s Rush also has some opportunities and areas of improvement, which if addressed, can make this car more viable exceptionally for families.

Pros & Cons

Slow-moving automatic transmission – pauses can be expected from Rush especially noticeable during that shift into reverse. There will be that gap before the car staggers into gear instead of the smooth, easy transition

Meager interiors – for a Toyota, the interiors of the Rush is rather disappointing. Hard plastic combined with stiff seats would definitely affect the overall comfort of the passengers. While the exterior is smooth, the interiors are of low quality.

Value for money – this entry-level SUV is more expensive than other premium cars and the fact that it has an RDW set up where the engine is already underpowered paired with a heavy chassis, you will also expect some pauses on this model.

Truth to be told, beauty is definitely in the eyes of the beholder and the Toyota Rush’s attractive features and workable interiors can be enough to serve its purpose of being the family’s primary means of transportation.

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