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Toyota Prius C Profile

1. Toyota Prius 2019 Overview

The all-new 4th generation Toyota Prius would make you think of everything extra. It is wider, longer, and even lower than its predecessors.

The style is now extra stylish and more dynamic with a futuristic touch to it. Making its grand debut in the US and Japan in 2007 and arriving in the Philippines in 2009, this pioneer hybrid hatchback electric car boasts the rigid Global Architecture of Toyota which means that it has lower gravity and an improved suspension system.

Toyota Prius 2019 the look

The all-new fourth-generation Toyota Prius would make you think of everything extra

Environment-friendly, comfortable, safe with its unique design, the Philippine market has a choice between 1.8L, 4-cylinder gasoline engine and the electric engine with Hybrid Synergy Drive. This is smartly paired with an Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) coupled with Power Mode settings and ECO.

 Toyota Prius rear view

Toyota Prius is an environment-friendly, comfortable, and safe car with a unique design

A hybrid is a smart choice for folks tired of the ever wild fluctuation of gas hikes. It is also the best recommendation for all kinds of consumers with unique needs and preferences. The Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid CVT can be yours for ₱ 2,289,000.

The White Pearl version is more expensive at ₱ 2,304,000. With a more uncomplicated but more sophisticated exterior and an equally impressive interior, the 2019 Toyota Prius has become an icon thanks to its teardrop shape.

 Toyota Prius engine

A hybrid is a smart choice for folks tired of the ever wild fluctuation of gas hikes

2. Toyota Prius 2019: Pros

If you are interested in getting the 2019 Toyota Prius, the pros below might lead to head straight to your car dealership to seal the deal:

AWD-e availability – this feature is not something currently being offered in a lot of models. Drivers would appreciate this additional traction. This will allow them to work at a very minimum speed, switching on automatically up until the car attains 9.6kph.

The car will adjust accordingly by turning on and off until the car finally reaches 69kph. At this point, the Prius will then transition to the normal mode of front-wheel drive. This pro also makes this model very fuel-efficient. 

Smooth driving experience – one thing that the Prius tops is its silence. The cabin remains quiet even when the gas engine engages. There is very wind noise as well.

It provides an overall driving experience full of comfort and fun regardless of the road. The steering wheel is very responsive and the handling pretty reactive. It provides a smooth, gliding cruise.

5-star in safety – the Prius’ every trim has the trademark Safety Sense P suite like the Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Lane Keep Assist. It also has eight airbags and a brake assist system. It is no wonder that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration gave the Prius a 5-star overall rating.

Toyota Prius interior

The cabin remains quiet even when the gas engine engages

3. Toyota Prius 2019 Cons

No Smartphone incorporation – no Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is almost a norm for new cars. The Prius uses the Entune which can be classified as a lit bit outdated for consumers.

Sluggish acceleration – although hybrids are not expected to be fast, the Prius is pretty slow on the acceleration bit. It will need about 9.8 seconds to reach 97kph, which can be deemed sluggish for some.

Cramped at the back – there is very minimal legroom at the end so tall and bulky passengers would feel cramped. Taller passengers might also find the back small primarily due to the slope design of the roof.

For additional information and more in-depth evaluation, head to our expert Toyota Philippines Review section.

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