Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Philippines: Specs, Features & More

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Toyota Land Cruiser Variants (2)

Toyota Land Cruiser Profile

1. Toyota Land Cruiser 2019: Overview

The renowned big Land Cruiser continuous to explore and push its boundaries with the bolder and more aggressive Land Cruiser 2019 also pegged as the LC200. This 2019 model is part of the 6th generation series first introduced in 2008. For the Land Cruiser 2019, we have the ever-reliable 232 horsepower 4.5 liter D-D diesel V8 engine capable of producing 615 Nm of torque. It’s also paired to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 front view

The bolder and more aggressive Land Cruiser 2019 also pegged as the LC200

Bolder and definitely with more attitude when it comes to its outside look thanks to its steadfast and intimidating front end as well as a more improved interior. It has taken the rugged look typical of a Cruiser to another level.

Land cruiser front end

It has an intimidating front end

Dubbed as Toyota Philippines’ longest-running car being produced today with it going back to the ‘50s, the Cruiser’s established reputation gets better. It is now equipped with Vehicle Stability Control, Hill-Climb Assist, CRAWL control, Traction Control, and Multi-Terrain Select, to name a few to bring a more memorable experience.

Space will never be an issue for the Land Cruiser. It has three full rows and can seat eight people comfortably. What’s great about it is you can have additional space converted as the need arises. The third row can be split, and the seats can be folded to the sides. The middle row meanwhile can also be folded flat. 

The second and the third rows can be a little challenging to access, especially for the more prominent and taller folks as well as the senior passengers. Getting in and out might be a bit tricky but once settled in, then everyone is up for a good ride.

Land cruiser interior

The second and third rows can be a little challenging to access

Toyota Land Cruiser interior

It also has a more improved interior

Land Cruiser is the best vehicle for that rough adventure. With its full-time 4WD, massive torque, more than enough power and high ground clearance, it is no wonder that this car has the best off the road capabilities. It is overall built and design is meant to be out on the dirt roads.

Comfort and security will never be compromised with the Land Cruiser 019. From the seats to the suspension and up the security features including the current technology incorporated then its always a guarantee of sweet and homey riding experience.

Avid fans of the Toyota Cruiser can drive this bad boy home for ₱ 4,474,000.00, and this is for the Land Cruiser 200 4.5. As for the Premium variant, one has to shell out a whopping amount of ₱ 4,840,000.00. If you want your car to be in Pearl White, then be ready to pay for an additional ₱ 15,000.00.

This is a major disappointment to many as this heavy and massive car is not the best when it comes to high gas mileage. Even by the SUV standard, the Toyota Land Cruiser fails on this aspect.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Pros

  • Perfect for off-road
  • More than enough space
  • Provides a superb riding experience

Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 Cons

  • Fuel Economy can be better
  • Accessibility

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