Toyota Hilux 2022 Price Philippines: Amazing Features Review

4.0 Price: ₱843,000 |Body type: Truck
Toyota's newest car is a pickup truck sold worldwide, with the amazing Toyota Hilux 2022 Price Philippines. Find out more in this article if you want to own a new car!

Toyota is one of the top companies from Japan, producing quality cars and automobiles globally. This company is planning to launch a Toyota Hilux 2022 model.

Hilux is the latest model of this company, which will be a great success for the company and the customers. If you want to discover more about Toyota Hilux 2022 Price Philippines and its specs, keep reading the following sections!

Toyota Hilux 2022 Specs

Seating capacity


Body type

Pickup Truck

Overall dimensions

5,285 x 1,800 x 1,700 (mm)


3085 mm

Fuel tank capacity


Engine classification

2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel


2755 cc

Max power

Max torque

150kW of power (at 3400rpm) 

500 / 1,600 ~ 2.8


6-Speed A/T


Ventilated Discs / Leading-Trailing Drums

Wheels and Tire

185 / 65 R15, 15 x 5J Alloy

A Detailed Review 2022

Toyota Hilux 2022 Review


Toyota Hilux 2022: Exterior

If you are looking for a new car, you should consider the Toyota Hilux model. It has been redesigned to offer more features and stand out from other trucks on the road. 

The exterior design is what makes it so unique. The contour of this truck will remain unchanged. Still, one of its most distinctive changes is its front fascia which has had significant improvements. This feature makes it stand out in traffic unlike any other vehicle on the market today.   

This model is about to get even better with the all-new model coming this year. Not only does it have brand new tires and exterior paints, but you can select from three cab setups: standard configuration for everyday driving needs.

The new Hilux will have an updated grille and new front lights. There are also some changes on the bumpers and taillights that should improve their appearance significantly. 

You can now choose between 3 cab setups: standard, expanded, or double cabs, which offer different levels of space for passengers or cargo, respectively. New exterior paints will also be available so that you can customize your car.

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Hilux 2022 Price Philippines

If you consider the Toyota Hilux 2022 release date Philippines, we have the full price list of Toyota Hilux 2022 Philippines for your reference.



2.4 Cab & Chassis 4x2 MT

₱ 843,000

2.4 Cargo 4x2 MT

₱ 936,000

2.4 J DSL 4x2 MT

₱ 952,000

2.4 FX 4x2 MT (w/o rear A/C)

₱ 1,029,000

2.4 FX 4x2 MT (w/ rear A/C)

₱ 1,057,000

2.4 E DSL 4x2 MT

₱ 1,135,000

2.4 J DSL 4x4 MT

₱ 1,148,000

2.4 G DSL 4x2 MT

₱ 1,250,000

2.4 G DSL 4x2 AT

₱ 1,325,000

Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 MT

₱ 1,420,000

Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 MT (Emotional Red)

₱ 1,440,000

Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 AT

₱ 1,495,000

Conquest 2.4 DSL 4x2 AT (Emotional Red)

₱ 1,515,000

Conquest 2.8 DSL 4x4 MT

₱ 1,800,000

Conquest 2.8 DSL 4x4 MT (Emotional Red)

₱ 1,820,000

Conquest 2.8 DSL 4x4 AT

₱ 1,875,000

Conquest 2.8 DSL 4x4 AT (Emotional Red)

₱ 1,895,000

GR Sport 2.8 DSL 4x4 AT

₱ 1,985,000

GR Sport 2.8 DSL 4x4 AT (Emotional Red)

₱ 2,005,000


What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Toyota Hilux?


  • Dependability
  • A large pickup truck bed
  • In mid-range automobiles, essential equipment is available.


  • The infotainment system is less intuitive.
  • Just 1 engine system is available
  • The seats in the tailgate are somewhat cramped


The Japanese-made vehicles are prevalent ones that have been around for decades. The latest model features the affordable Toyota Hilux 2022 price Philippines. We can expect that it is impressive, with some of the best fuel efficiency and handling for a pickup truck. 

We hope that you've enjoyed our blog post with various helpful information. Thanks for reading, and don't miss the next series at Toyota car review!


Toyota Hilux 2022 Specs


A Detailed Review 2022


Hilux 2022 Price Philippines


What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Toyota Hilux?




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