Toyota Camry 2022 Philippines: Specs, Features, Prices & More

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Toyota Camry Variants (2)

Toyota Camry Profile

1. Toyota Camry 2022: Brief Overview

The Camry is Toyota’s flagship as the new age mid-size sedan as one that is both traditional with an effective dose of technology.

Currently, on its eighth-generation model, the Camry was first introduced here in the Philippines last 2017 and has been a favorite because it is comfortable, highly-spacious and classy. With its cool exteriors of thin chrome accents in the front and back combined with its slender curves, this car is pure business sophistication.

Apart from its aggressive front, it also features an impressive laid-out dashboard and an interior which is roomy and comfortable making true to Toyota’s goal of a “Sensual, Smart, Confidence” overall concept.

Toyota Camry the look

The Camry is Toyota’s flagship as the new age mid-size sedan

This mill has a single-engine beauty with a 2.5-liter in-line four-cylinder engine. It is capable of a minimum horsepower of 181 partnered with a torque of 231 Nm. With its enhanced 2.5 engine, it is a more powerful car compared to its predecessor. There are two variants to choose from of which the price is much dependent on.

The price of Toyota Camry C HEV2.5 AT is 2,335,000 Php and price of Pearl White version is 2,350,000 Php.

Toyota Camry rear view

Toyota Camry is capable of a minimum horsepower of 181 partnered with a torque of 231 Nm

For a more in-depth review, kindly head to our Toyota expert review section of all Toyota models.

2. Toyota Camry 2022 Pros

A Reputation Like No Other – Toyota is a name established and known for its reliability. Under proper maintenance, Toyota vehicles are known to provide more than 400,000 miles. It is a good investment as the resale value remains high even after years.

Priority in Passenger Safety – the Camry was scored with five stars during the 2018 Japan New Car Assessment Program or JNCAP. It is considered one of the safest cars available in the market. Included on this beauty are smart cruise control, a lane departure warning, and a frontal pre-collision system.

Impressive V6 Engine – there is more to it than meets the eye, and for the Camry, it is its self-inducing locomotive. It is hard to forget the V6’s satisfying kick. Generating an impressive horsepower of 301 ensures that every ride is as memorable as the last and the next one. Coming from a dead stop, it can accelerate up to 60 mph in just a matter of 5.9 seconds.

Toyota Camry interior

Camry was scored with five stars during the 2018 JNCAP

4. Toyota Camry 2022 Cons

Soundless Mode Off – if you want a quiet luxury sedan, this might not be for you. You can hear a bit of the road and the hiss of the wind. The extra buzz can be a downer for folks wanting a quieter cabin.

The lack of Manual Transmission – this is an option that Toyota offered as, by default, the car is equipped with its standard eight-speed automatic transmission. This car will be a no for the more traditional drivers who have a love story with their manual gearbox.

No All-Wheel Drive – more sedans are now offering all-wheel drive, but the Camry is trapped with the front-wheel drive. The lack of an AWD system might discourage drivers who are living in places where harsh winters are the norm.

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