Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Specs, Variants, Pros & Cons

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Toyota Wigo Variants (3)

Toyota Wigo Profile

1. Toyota Wigo 2019 Philippines: Overview

Perfect for the young professionals and the folks wanting to purchase their very first car, the Toyota Wigo is pegged as the ideal car. This compact car is Toyota’s candidate when it comes to the A-segment mini cars that a lot of the younger generation prefer.

Toyota Wigo front view

 This compact car is Toyota’s candidate when it comes to the A-segment mini cars 

With the assistance of Daihatsu, the main goal back then is for the Toyota Agva and Daihatsu Avla twins to be part of Indonesia’s Low-Cost Green Car project. The objective of this project is to develop an economically friendly, environmentally friendly, and fuel-efficient car. It was adopted here; hence the cute little 5-door hatchback which was uniquely renamed as “Wigo” for the Philippine market was introduced to the country early in 2014.

Toyota Wigo cargo space

Wigo was introduced to the country early in 2014

2. Toyota Wigo 2019: Price and Variants

Toyota Wigo E MT

This original model is in a five-speed manual transmission. It has a length of 3,660 mm, a width of 1,600 mm and a height of 1,520 mm. It boasts a maximum power of 60 PS reaching a maximum torque of 89 Nm. This model retails for PHP 537,000.00 with a standard warranty of 3 years.

Toyota Wigo G MT

Similar to its predecessor and is still manual but with enhanced features including steering ready audio display, a security alarm, and a steering wheel audio control mechanism. With these added advantages, the price increases to PHP 576,000.00.

Toyota Wigo G AT 

With a price tag slightly higher at PHP 611,000.00, potential buyers can enjoy the same features as the G MT but with more power. With a level-up power of 69 PS and a fuel efficiency of 6.3 liters per 100 kilometers which is roughly 524 kilometers.

Toyota Wigo TRD AT

Ranked as the Wigo with the most attitude, this shorter version with a broader trim shares the same fuel efficiency as that G AT but surprisingly, for its whopping PHP 676,000.00 worth it has a lower power of 66 PS and a torque of 85 Nm. The primary selling point here is its sleeker body kit.

As a potential buyer, it would be smart to be presented with both the pros and cons of this car because like everything, there is more from what you can see.

For more details and an in-depth understanding of different Toyota models and variants, visit our Toyota Philippines review section.

Toyota Wigo 2019 interior

Toyota Wigo comes with basic but styled interior

3. Toyota Wigo 2019 Pros

  • Various variant for your choice
  • Ease of Maneuver – it is after all a compact car, so agility makes it shine, unlike its more significant relatives. It is relatively easier to drive and squeeze in traffic and roads. It also makes parking in critical points easier.
  • Sleek Exterior – this is the selling point of this car, especially the TRD variant. The body kit is merely impressive and is a convincing sales pitch alone.

Toyota Wigo on the road

This original model is in a five-speed manual transmission

4. Toyota Wigo 2019 Cons

  • Fuel Economy – it is below par if we base it to the current market standards as it is expected to yield around 9 to 11 km/ liter.
  • Durability – since the price is made to be cheaper compared to others in the market, the materials used inside can be expected to be less durable. Surprisingly, the Wigo doesn’t have the premium ambiance typical for a Toyota.

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