Toyota Fortuner 2019 Philippines: Specs, Prices, Pros & Cons

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Toyota Fortuner Profile

1. Toyota Fortuner 2019: Brief overview

The Fortuner is the most popular midsize SUV from the most trusted car brand, Toyota. Toyota Fortuner is continuously being produced for ten years and still counting.

The 2nd generation Toyota Fortuner was first launched to the global market in the middle of the year 2015. It had a minor engine upgrade and two facelifts, but it still one of the best-selling models of Toyota Motors Philippines. This second-generation Fortuner looks aerodynamic and radical which rarely makes sense especially when SUV cars are taken into the conversation.

2019 Toyota Fortuner features an exterior and fascia that are aggressively-designed. The front grille is redesigned with chrome-accentuated outlines that are also present on the big fog lamps on the bumper. The slim swept-back headlights. Its sculpted sides get a flared rear and front wheel arches.

The C-pillars of the Fortuner are already blocked-out to have a floating roof look. Both the headlights and taillights narrowed down from before, the same with the Rav4’s. This keeps it inline to the global style language of Toyota.

Toyota Fortuner the look

Toyota Fortuner is the most popular midsize SUV from the most trusted car brand

When it comes to the size, the latest Fortuner almost has a similar size as the model it replaces. The only difference is the few additional centimeters of length and most of it goes to the front overhang. It is sitting capacity is big enough to seat 7 people.

Toyota fortuner 2019 cabin

It is sitting capacity is big enough to seat 7 people

The price of the 2019 Toyota Fortuner ranges from Php 1,597,000 to Php 2,265,000.

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2. Toyota Fortuner 2019 Pros

  • The 2019 Toyota Fortuner looks like it belongs to the future than those butch old school and dated appeal of other high-end SUV models of Toyota. 
  • The Toyota Fortuner will truly amaze consumers because of its after-sales maintenance cost that are incredibly low despite its butch appeal and size. You can compare the service bills to that of premium hatchback coming from other car manufacturers. This is hard, but a real fact to believe. Toyota is often praised a lot because of making durable and quality cars all around the world and the Fortuner’s low maintenance cost is a great contribution.
  • The size and dimension of the Toyota Fortuner are extremely large that it screams acres of space available on the interior. This 7-seater SUV has plenty of space for both the second and third row. This makes it, if not the most, one of the most practical large SUV currently available in the market.

Toyota Fortuner rear view

The size and dimension of the Toyota Fortuner are extremely large

3. Toyota Fortuner 2019 Philippines Cons

  • The large size and dimension of the Toyota Fortuner definitely give it an authoritative stance. However, this quality makes a foul play if this car is driven in tight city traffic conditions. The large dimension, as well as the big turning radius, requires experienced hands to make sure it is kept under control.
  • This Fortuner has an absolutely smashing look in the exterior, but sadly, the interior is not as appealing. The layout of the dashboard feels a bit plain for this car of premium stature.
  • In addition to the staid appeal of the interior cabin layout of the Toyota Fortuner, it also lacks convenience and comfort features in it. The Fortuner has lower features than its rivals

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