All-new Toyota Avanza 2019 Philippines: Price, Specs, Features

₱721,000 - ₱1,060,000
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Toyota Avanza Profile

Brief Overview

Filipinos have a thing for seven-seaters. That sort of inclination among Filipinos makes perfect sense because of their versatility and family-friendliness. Who wouldn’t want to carry several passengers in just one go, right? If you are looking for a 7-seater MVP and has amazing flexibility and capabilities? Toyota Avanza 2019 might be a good pick for you.

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza might be a good pick for you

Toyota Avanza is one of the popular models of seven-seaters across the archipelago. While it is true that the present generation MVP has gotten quite old - since it was launched back in 2012, it kept being a pervasive presence in the streets. Today, buyers can now marvel at the new face from the famous badge.

The new Avanza 2019 price ranges from Php 721,000 - 1,065,000 and boasts a stylish but tough exterior - offering you just the balance between sophistication and function. Its new features comprise the front trapezoidal grille made larger and has less chrome, strip removed off on the sides, and also lustrous and smaller headlamps. From the frontal bumper towards the posterior, its entirety is comprehensively engraved with lines.

Toyota Avanza grille

 Its new features comprise the front trapezoidal grille made larger and have less chrome

Here are some of the things that you need to consider further if you are planning to own an all-new Toyota Avanza:

Toyota Avanza 2019: Pros

  • Even with its dense dimensions, this new version of Toyota Avanza can accommodate seven passengers comfortably with sufficient space in its three rows, which implies how smartly engineered the inside cabin of this new version is. Toyota Avanza’s third-row also feels wide enough for adults, while having the third row folded will open up to spacious boot.
  • There is a slight increase in the size of the air intake, it also comes with a horizontal outline with its plastic reaching the fog lights. It is also worth noting that the grille has been made thicker, making it quite similar to that of the Hiace’s 2019 version.
  • Slight changes were also made in the headlight, it now comes in split patterns and exhibits LED headlamps. It’s entirely cosmetic especially that its front bumper has become more palatable, wheels that are a 2-tone alloy, and interior color of black and red. 
  • There is a touchscreen system for your entertainment which is about 6.2 inches, there is also a 2DIN song player and a cooling system in the form of a dual air conditioner. Airbags along with ABS that has an electronic brake, ISOFIX, and also Toyota VSS are secured for safety reasons.

Toyota Avanza 2019: Cons

  • Despite the new innovations made on Toyota Avanza, especially in terms of premium comfort and suitability features, the cabin design and the dashboard of the new new version still appears too plain and dull for a huge car.
  • Aside from its frontal fascia, the new version has not introduced many changes on its rear profile and side features, which when viewed in sheer isolation, it continues to appear somewhat bland.
  • The new version of Toyota Avanza still clings to its 1.5-liter engine, which is notoriously famous for its dull driving experience. On paper, the figures might seem very strong, but don’t get so easily swayed about its power delivery.

Toyota Avanza engine

The new version of Toyota Avanza still clings to its 1.5-liter engine

So there you have it, the pros and cons of the new version of Toyota Avanza. For further reference, go to our expert Toyota Review Section and learn more.

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