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Like any young company, Toyota Quezon Avenue, Incorporated also has its modest beginning. With Celica Motor Sates Corporation as its predecessor, an application for a Toyota franchise was filed with Toyota Motors Philippines on March 28, 1988.

Upon satisfactory completion of all pertinent requirements on organizational structure, capitalization and physical facilities, a provisional appointment was granted to Toyota Quezon Avenue, Incorporated on December 16, 1988 as its first franchise dealer of Toyota Motors Philippines.

Toyota Quezon Avenue, Incorporated was registered as a private firm with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 20, 1988 under SEC Registration number 15825. It has authorized capital stock of P100,000,000.00 of which P25,000,000.00 was subscribed and paid up.

When Toyota Quezon Avenue, Incorporated started operating, the response was so overwhelming that after only a year it has grown to become one of the most progressive in the industry of car selling and ranked 101st in the top 1,000 corporations of the Philippines.

In its auspicious beginning, it started with a handful of people (21 personnel) and eventually; it grew and multiplied its workforce and facilities.

With utmost confidence and good management, the company has rapidly made a starting transition from its humble beginning into a showcase of unprecedented growth and development. Employees’ service speaks highly of the Toyota Quezon Avenue Incorporated’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Since then, through hard work and dedication to the company’s customer service has earned good reputation in the public


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