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Angeles - Magalang Rd, Angeles, 2009 Pampanga

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About Toyota Angeles Pampanga

Toyota Angeles Pampanga, Inc. (TAP) is a venture of Melandrex Holdings, Inc. (MHI), Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) and Toyota Tsusho Philippines, Inc. (TTPH).  MHI owns 70% of TAP, while TTC and TTPH own 25% and 5% respectively.

MHI is the holding company of the Macapagal Family incorporated in 2000, which has investments in two (2) other Toyota dealers, Toyota Pasong Tamo (TPT) and Toyota Global City (TGC).  MHI also owns and operates M2 Car Accessories (M2 Car) and M2 Insurance Agency Inc. (M2 Insure).  M2 Car supplies all the accessories requirements of TAP, TPT, and TGC, while M2 Insure supplies the insurance requirements of the dealers.

TTC is the trading affiliate of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange.  TTC owns and operates several Toyota dealerships around the world, and has been appointed distributor by TMC in some countries.  TTPH is the Philippine subsidiary of TTC.


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